FS Spey Line, 4wt Floater And Sink Tip, 6wt Stillwater And Floater Cheap

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  1. The Spey line is a Rio shooting head with a cheater. Brand new this would cost you about $65 for the set up. The line is like new. I waded in almost to the top of my waders to pull it off the bottom of a river after several people hooked into it and then methodically tracked down the owner who lost it. He must have been rich or had already bought a new one because he was not interested in picking it up from or having me send it to him. Your win for $25

    The 4wt floater didn't turn over for me very well for deep water chironomiding but did well in small creeks with small dry flies. I honestly can not remember the name of the company. The line has been fished twice and is still in good shape. I bought it for $40, I'll sell it for $10

    The 4wt sink tip is old and is on a reel that broke and I have just never bothered using it again since I've moved on to other ways to present flies in lakes. It still sinks! I'd sell this for $5

    The 6wt Stillwater is from Scientific Anglers and is several years old now, it is also broke about 45 feet into it. I've been fishing it broke and spliced for over a season and half and other than the splice which sticks on casting the line still works great at about a 2" per second sink rate. If you are looking to try out a stillwater like line but don't want to pony up the $65 for it, this is an excellent opportunity. I like $10 for it but for the right sob story, I'd give it away for free.

    The 6wt "floater" is also and old line that might make a good clothes line or a slow intermediate sink line. This thing might work better if I had ever cleaned it. If you pick up any of the other lines, I'll throw this one in for free or if you are in the area and need some line to tie something down you can also have it for free, I just don't have in my heart to sell it to someone.


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  2. New prices. You could also make me an offer or a sob story.
  3. Excellent deals. If I didn't have three 4 wt lines I'd be on this.
  4. Since no one else is after the 6wt Stillwater, I'll take it. I'll pm u my sob story:)
  5. Heck, it doesn't even need to be a good sob story at this point.
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