spey line and rod matching question.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Bob Triggs, Dec 29, 2005.

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    I have an Hardy Elite ten-weight fifteen-foot-four-inch two handed (spey) rod. Im interested in finding a floating line for it. I tried the Rio Grandspey in 9/10 but it seems too heavy; the big falling loop problem. And the rod just seems "overloaded" at any speed of stroke or briskness of stop.

    Someone recently suggested to me that Rio made the Grandspey lines "too heavy" at one time, but that now they are making them lighter in the same weight number designatioins. (The one I have weighs 900 grains, or so the box says). It's the "L10 model". :confused:
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    Check with the redshed flyshop, mike has a custom line that would be amazing on that rod.
  3. Brian St New Member

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    If the line you tried is 900 grains then it is the new 9/10 grandspey. I would weigh the head to know for sure. The old 9/10 grandspey was something like 1200 grains. If you like the grandspey lines you might try stepping down to the new 8/9 which I think is 800 grains. I remember casting that rod awhile back and using a 9/10 accerator which worked well and did not bog the rod down.

    Brian Styskal
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    If you are looking for a line that will aid big casts, the Accelerator used to be the best line on the market until Rio took it off.

    You have a few other options for long bellied lines. Either the SA Xlt (I would go for the 8/9 wieght - another line that is over weighted for it's rating) or the carron 9/10 95ft head. This costs a good deal more than the other lines but is by far the better line, in terms of quality turnover and a general good feel factor.

    Gordon Armstrong
  5. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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    For a full floating line I use the Rio windcutter line on my 7/8 weight spey, which works great for skating flies & greased line techniques. I just bought the skagit spey for my 10 weight which definitely does the job for flinging out the T-14 tips I've made up for winter fishing on the Sauk & SKagit.
  6. Steve Buckner Mother Nature's Son

    As others have mentioned, the Grand Spey was kind of a dog to cast. I've been very happy with the mid-spey (with tips). I'm throwing the 8/9 on my Sage 9141 and 9150.
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    My vote goes for the Carron in 10/11 75', 85' or 95'.
    Hard to beat!
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    Aaron Reimer, over at River Run Anglers in Carnation, had offered to let me try some of his many Spey Lines at the ongoing Saturday Spey gatherings he holds there on the Tolt River, or in the park nearby. After reading all of this I think I will do that. He has the Carron lines too.

    Guess I have to dust off my passport and head over to the good old USA for a day soon.

    Brian St, that was very helpful. Thank you all.
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    Hey Bob, I dont know anything about Hardy technical stuff, but if its newer you may be able to contact Hardy (or a hard core Hardy spey nerd) and find out what the recommended grain capacity of your rod is. That will surely take alot of mystery out of your quest. If they say, 750 to 900 grns.......than you can seriously ignore the AFTMA line rating on the box. Just do some research on some of the other forums and you can find the head grain weight of just about every line made...or soon to be made. Might help ya out a little. What do I know though...I am just a darn punk kid....Right Bob?? :thumb:
  10. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Let us all know when you are coming so we can have a wing ding of a time.

  11. jetstream New Member

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    Gordon and big K1 are giving you some sound advice regarding the Carron being your line choice,once you try them you will be a convert, you certainly will appreciate the improvements in your casting when you try one, tight loops and excellent turnover not forgetting a bit more distance than youre used to,thats without seeing you cast before:cool:
    I know you will be in good hands with Aaron Reimer at River Run Anglers,they are a dedicated bunch of guys and all Spey-crazy,
    FWIW. Grain weights for the lines are
    9/10 65ft head 747 grains
    10/11 75ft head 861 grains
    10/11 85ft head 938 grains
    10/11 95ft head 972 grains

    I hope this is of some help,Give my regards to Aaron and if Bob Meiser is around you will probably end up with a rod as well:beer2:

    James Chalmers