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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by alaskahole, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. For anyone who has or has used a TFO 12'6" 6 weight, what floating line and reel do you use? I just purchased a rod at a show in Mass. and was wondering what line others use for that particular rod.
  2. According to the guys at the Red Shed Flyshop an Airflo Delta 6/7 is dynamite on that rod.
  3. I'd have to agree with SpeyRodBeBop. Go for an Airflo Delta Spey long
  4. dont put a long delta on a twelve and a half foot rod for a begining caster.
  5. No, you want the regular old Delta.
  6. Okay... Sorry guys... guess I need to learn to read. I didn't realize we were talking beginner here. But for that matter, I've only been using a two hander for about 6 months. And I found that my style favors the long delta as opposed to the regular. But that's just what works for me. :confused:
  7. Got to agree with everyone about the Airflo Delta line. I've got one on my TFO and it is a great combination.

  8. I am a beginner and I put the Rio Windcutter 6/7/8 on that exact same rod. The dry line casts ok and the tips poor. I would recommed a different line or at least the 7/8/9. For the price I caould not believe how well the rod held up to its first steel. :thumb:
  9. yakcanyon

    Why not a 6/7 Long Delt vs 6/7 Standard Delt?

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