Spey Nymphing Rig Set Up

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Mbrigano, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Is there a similar Godwin's internet law for "eat a dick?"

  2. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    yea i got my first steel to hand nymphing a bead and ESL with no indicator. i prefer that method for fishing pockets that are close enough for high sticking.
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    Couple of useful insights gained from this thread. Reach is useful for high-sticking (spey-rods high stick well). Nymphing is a technique that requires line control, every situation is different...but solvable.

    You can get down and stay down with heavy flies and long leaders, i.e. nymphing without split-shot or indicators. You don't need a bobber but you do need to understand what your fly is doing and where it is. In fishing situations one should not worry about tight loops and perfect turnover, one should worry about presentation and work to make it as perfect as possible. Depth and dead drift are critical and can be accomplished in many ways... it's always a challenge...isn't that why we do it?

    I'm fully convinced line control is what catches fish and it can be done in alot of ways. For the spey caster longer belly lines provide mending advantages, even if a thingamabobber is attached...but I don't think it's necessary. Concentrate on line control and you can do any and all of it.
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    Pretty much my position. I prefer to swing because I have fun casting and like to tie flies suitable for swinging. However, I'd like to learn more about technical nymping for the reason SG posts above.

    A related reason to add nymphing to your toolkit is fishing on the move from a boat. There is often a lot of steelhead holding water in between good 'swinging water' and being able to nymph while moving between spots adds a lot of time to have a fly in the water.

    Hope every one has a great 2012. At least until the world ends on the next Winter Solstice...
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    I saw some guys using this rig on bigger spey gear in alaska for kings. They would hang a weighted intruder or a jumbo critter underneath a big thingamabobber, and swim it around the river during the slow part of the day when the sun was up,,,,seemed effective. Looked silly, but it worked.