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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by andrew, Dec 8, 2003.

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    Was curious if anyone could point me in a good direction for a spey "outfit"...I am not quite sure if I want to dive in and empty my piggy bank, or just get my feet wet. So far I am leaning towards the later, which means St. Croix rod, and RR Canyon reel. However, depending on comments and suggestions will consider debt.

    As for line...anyone have a preference?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Don't buy anything your not going to want to keep later as your casting improves. Go see Aaron and Jack at River Run Angler. They will let you try every rod on the market with any line you can think of. You should spend months with them down on the river before you decide to buy anything. Yes, they will help you get started on your casting. Carnation may seem far, but if you don't do it, you will be kicking yourself in the ass. Go to ebay and look at the Spey rods people are trying to sell. The names you don't see for sale are the ones worth keeping.

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    Another question to ask yourself is what type of spey fishing are you going to be doing? Summer or winter? For winter, I prefer to fish a 9wt, and 7wt for summer. The difference being slinging sink tips as compaired to dries. An 8wt is a good cross over, but depending on the river, can leave you a little under gunned. Just my two bits.
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    I've been out testing quite a few spey rods over the past few monthes at River Run Anglers and would definitely second Matt's suggestion! Check out there site at http://www.speyshop.com to get an idea of some of the rods and outfits they have.

    I hope to get my first spey rod in the next month or so and am leaning towards the Heritage 14' 8/9 or a comparable CND rod. I've cast a few St. Croix spey rods and just didn't like the action of them as well as the ones above! I've also cast a few of the higher end rods, Loop, T&T, etc. but am not ready to spend that kind of money right now.

    I am looking for something that I can use for both summer and winter fish and I think either one will be fine for most situations. I would definitely suggest getting out there and trying some of the rods out, preferablly on the water, before you think of buying anything.

    Good luck!
    Flybill }(
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    >I am looking for something that I can use for both
    >summer and winter fish and I think either one will be
    >fine for most situations. >

    Hey Andrew, a relatively fast 13ft 8 weight is also a good choice for someone looking for only one rod to fish all year if you use the right lines on it. Sorry to make your choices even harder }(

    Seriously though, don't limit yourself to 14ft 9 weights.

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    All the directions you have been pointed to sounds good to me as well. I have not tried any of the shops that were mentioned because I learned on my own. I need some tweeking on longer casts but I prefer to learn on my own as my learing curve is quite bent! LOL If you can find an instructor that would be awesome

    Don't knock the St. Croix's. That was my first spey rod, same reason you are thinking about them $$$. I am a little unorthodox with respect to where I fish. If you want to meet someday you can try my St. Croix or the Sage 7136-4 I just traded for.

    The St. Croix is stiffer than the Sage and is quite easy for me to overpower it becasue i have more of a difficult time feeling it load. However, the Sage, i feel everyting and is great for floating lines so far, next I will try an intermediate which will be about the extent of use for that rod. I don't really know so i will try try try.

    I know the Morning Hatch Fly Shop in Tacoma is getting a spey casting clinic together (when I don't know) but check them out. They are located in Tacoma on Cedar Street.

    Tight lines!
  7. andrew Active Member

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    Thanks guys!

    I guess I'll just have to give the guys in my local shop a "work out"...I am up in Bellingham, so to go anywhere else is a special trip...and "weekend" passes are hard to come by

  8. Porter Active Member

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    I too have an 7/8 13' St. Croix and like it. You can also get a Redington 13' 14' or 15' for same price (250.00)and I have heard these are actually better casting tools...they look good too
    Lamson Velocity (new design) have spey reels for under 300.00 and then there is tioga 12 for 170.00.....both good workhorses. I believe Avid Angler in Lk. Forrest Park had some Sage spey rods on sale don't know if sale is over or not.

    But like mentioned before check it out first and learn what you can.

  9. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Well, I'd say if you're gonna go to a shop, go to Aarons shop. Between morning hatch and him, aaron has them beat by a mile. Gotta think, spey is his specialty, and he knows his stuff. I know when I first started checking them out a few years ago, I found more info on the web then I did from morning hatch when it came to speys. Aaron has clinics quite a bit. I learned more from him in one day BS'ing with him then anywhere else. This guy knows his stuff, and can lead you into the right rod for your style/$$$ situation.
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    Andrew, check this website out. It has helped me tremendously. When I started spey casting I would stay up for hours watching this guy cast. It looked so easy and effortless! Little did I know. If you can speak german it helps! LOL

    One thing on the Lamson Velocity 3.5 reels, I just bought one and after one week the reel literally fell apart from the spool. Apparently, I did not know this nor did they fly shop, the spool is a 2 piece and the epoxsy that Lamson used on a "batch" of reels did not take and I had one of them (typical luck.) The rep I spoke with from Lamson stated more than once the problem has been corrected. I believe they Velocities are still 2 piece spools but the next one up is a one piece spool. Good luck on the reel purchase.


  11. andrew Active Member

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    That is a cool website...I am already thinking that I need
    a suit of armor to protect myself!
  12. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    River Run Anglers is a sponsor on this site. Every Saturday morning until hell freezes over they give free spey casting lessons. He even has a few of the big guns in the spey community coming out there to give a few pointers. The classes run from 0900 to when ever they get tired. They are held on the river bar where the Tolt meets the Snoqualmie. The teachers are Aaron Rymer and Jack Cook. Very excellent teachers.

    When I first started out 40' was about it now it's farther. Working on 75 to 80 feet. Which is good for a clumsy old man. I also will have a new rod before the first of the year a CND 13'8/9 Custom I think or maybe an Expert 13' 8/9.

  13. miyawaki Active Member

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    I would recommend seeing Aaron at Riverun also.

    I would also recommend the CND line of speyrods. Today I fished my CND Expert 1308. It is lined with an Airflo 8/9 Multi-Tip. The rod is listed at $295. I also have the Custom 1409, but my buddy in Spokane fell in love with it and is fishing the Clearwater and Snake with it as we speak (write?) and I want it back!

  14. DLoop Creating memories one cast at a time

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    Hi Andrew,

    I can't add much to the great advice everyone has already offered. I also would recommend a hard look at the CND rods. For a reel, I'd suggest the Tioga 12 (non large arbor) $150.
  15. Rxfisher New Member

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    I have several different Sage rods you can try out. Lets try to work out a day to float the Skagit and you can spey away. Rxfisher ... Steve