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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Scott Behn, Dec 20, 2004.

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    This is what is so cool about the internet. Being able to chat with you old guys, haha I mean legends in NW flyfishing is great.
    I will take you up on your offer in the future.

    Welcome Speydoc. This guy ties some bad ass tubes!
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    :hmmm: Hello Dave and Ronn: I wondered where you guys were roosting. I too, am new to this forum and it seems to have a lot of folks interested in the really different aspects of salmon fly tying. this is great!
    I have a question for Dave McNeese: Do you have any information on your Grey Heron Spey Hooks? Ive heard rumors, but.......
    I hope Ill be able to contribute something useful in the future. Until then, keep up the Great Work here!
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    Hey Dave,

    Nice to hear from you again, Thanks for asking about my hooks, I'm in a "WAIT" mode. The manufacturer is right now making a small batch for me to approve, then we can go ahead. It has been over a year since I gave them my hook design, so any minute now I hope!
    Yeah, I've been "roosting" out here in the valley, hatching chicks of my own. Our ninth is due next June. What have you been up to?

    Happy New Year! :beer2:
    Dave McNeese
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    ;) Well Dave, I remember Bill Chinn saying that if there was one hook hed like to use, it would be your new hook. I sure miss the old shop. The energy, the antique flies and books etc, and the whole ambiance thing. As for me, I now live in Cornelius and have been working on my speys and Dees. Found an interesting and I think, effective use for marabou as a sub for Toucan on patterns like Jock Scott. Well, Dave, keep us posted here and I love to see your still in the game and helping others hone their skills! Best Regards Always.