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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Steelhead Fly Guy, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. Steelhead Fly Guy

    Steelhead Fly Guy New Member

    Has anyone used a Winston Derek Brown Favorite 7/8 spey rod. I am thinking about buying one and it seemed like a nice rod.
  2. circlespey

    circlespey Member

    I have thrown it a few times. It's a nice rod, light, fairly soft action. It is not a super meaty rod; if you are using floating lines then I think you would be fine. Derek Brown (DB) is a Scottish flaoting line fisherman, and I don't think his tapers are great for sink tips for most people, although good casters can certainly still do it.

    I am a huge fan of the Scott spey rods because of their progressive action and easy loading; both the 1287 and the 1308 would do better than this rod, imho.

  3. Luv2Spey

    Luv2Spey Member

    I took a 3 day spey casting class from Derek a few weeks ago and he was really pushing the Winston (Winston is his sponsor). During the class, I had a chance to cast the rod you're looking at and found it to be much heavier than my Sage. But, I really couldn't do the Winston justice because I had grown so accustomed to my Sage.

    Apart from the weight, I think it's a beautiful rod. 5 of the eight guys in the class had the Winston DBs.

    However, if I were getting a new rod today of the weight you're considering, the Winston would be one I would consider. However, I'd probably want to the Scott rods (mentioned previously) and also Dec Hogan's signature rods, also, before making a decision.

    Good luck,

  4. Dave Westburg

    Dave Westburg Member

    I'm a big fan of the Sage 13'6 7 weight spey rod. It will turn over an 8-9 weight sinking tip and is light enough that I can fish it all day without exhausting my upper body. It doesn't have the range of my 15 footer but that's not a bad thing. The best water isn't always across the river! The 13'6 rod works well with an 8 weight floating line for summer fishing on a larger river such as the Sky.
  5. Steelhead Fly Guy

    Steelhead Fly Guy New Member

    Thanks, for the comments. I find them interesting as I talked to a guy at Kaufmans who said that he has this rod and that it was beefier than most 7/8's and that it has no problem throwing tips. He also said that it really handles nicely with the Rio Mid Spey. I talked to another guy in Canada that basically said the same, that it handles more like an 8/9. So I guess that this Spey rod stuff is what you think feels right. Thanks again.
  6. circlespey

    circlespey Member

    Sounds good. However, you should know that Kaufmann's used to carry the Scotts and pushed them hard; then they took them off their line and added Winstons. Want to guess which rods they are pushing now?
  7. mtlhead

    mtlhead Member

    I know that i'm out of line and off the topic with this, but I've got the attention of the people that I need to ask this question. I'm just now getting into Spey Casting and could really use some one-on-one with someone that would'nt mind helping a Greenhorn cut his teeth on the propper techniques for Casting. I always try to figure things out on my own and do allright, but I don't want to waste my time by starting out with any self taught bad habbits(these hooks don't scare me with a single handed rod, but with a double spey cast I know I'll impale myself in one or more appendages. I just bought a used Thomas & Thomas 1208-3 and picked up one of the Orvis/Redington L.A. 9/10 closeouts, but still need to buy a line. I'm thinking about the Rio Windcutter 7/8/9 or 8/9/10 Versi-Tip, Rio reccomends the later for my particular rod for novice casters and the first for more experianced casters. I've got one (standard Versi-Tip)for my single hand 8wt and love it, I just hope the reel will have the capacity for the line and backing. Anyway I live in Marysville and can meet where ever to get some help. There wont be any begging or groveling, just know I am sincere and will "keep the cotton in my mouth and out of my ears!". I would really appriciate any help that you are willing to give. :CONFUSED
  8. Swinger

    Swinger Banned or Parked

    First of all, do not let the initial weight of the rod intimidate you. If you slow down your stroke and do not 'push' it, you will for one, not notice the weight and secondly, the rod will perform to its fullest potential.

    I have found the rod to fish best with either the Double Spey, Single Spey or Spiral Roll. The rod does not seem to like the herky jerky motion of the Snap-T.

    I've fished a few differnt lines on the rod and a 7/8 Midspey would be an excellent choice as would an 8/9 Mastery Spey/Salmon, 8/9 Triangle Taper and if you think you can handle it, an 8/9 Accelerator with the Midspey and Accelerator being my two favorite lines for the rod.

    Do not listen to those that say this rod will have trouble throwing tips as it throws up to a #9 type VI 15'er without a problem.

    I have and have fished many rods and this is by far my favorite.
  9. Steelhead Fly Guy

    Steelhead Fly Guy New Member

    Thanks Swinger for the information. I really liked the looks of that rod and was really excited about what I heard from others that owned the rod, especially its ability to throw tips. I am new to Spey cast, but I do not want to be an equipment junkie. I just want to buy the best I can afford and then develop into the equipments potential. Likewise I don't want to purchase equipment that will hinder developing good casting techniques. Thanks again.