Spey rods and drift boats

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Fishunter, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Has anyone found a good method to stow spey rods in a drift boat when floating from one spot to the next?
  2. Well leaning it on the rowers seat facing back is o.k. provided no tight turns and no one sitting behind you, but if your casting one handed from the boat its in the way. Personaly I don't tape my middle ferel (gasp), I leave the rod stung up, reel the fly to the tip and then take it down at the midle ferel. Taken in half like this its not in the way so bad when casting my one hander. I just chek the joint every 20 min, half hour or so.
  3. Actually, I always pull the tip section off in the boat. I don't like putting too much of a bend in the rod (which for most 16' DB's, you still won't really put all the rod in it, even with the bend). I either completely stowed it in a hard case until we hit a place we planned to fish from shore, or just kept the tip section off. I don't like anything hanging out of the boat unless it's something being fished at the time or the anchor.

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