spey/switch classes, snakeriver area?

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  1. Well a friend of mine, retired Farmer, had money burning a hole in his pocket and some guy at the cabelas flyshop talked him into buying an entirely cabelas 8wt switch setup, aughhhhhh, anyways, i think he will need help and i suck at it, are there any resources i can point him to for a quick class in the Lewiston area.
  2. The Red Shed is having its spey clave this weekend, lots of free demos and instruction to be had
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  3. He could call Poppy and get some recomendations, possibly a guided trip?

    Here is the one guy I know of in that area -


    Westslope in Spokane has been doing some Saturday spey casting and Silver Bow also in Spokane has a clinic in the spring.
  4. ok, was wondering about the clave, from looking at the web site, seemed more like just a gathering, i'll have him give Poppy a call.
  5. Poppy recommended Craig to me last year. We had one 2h lecture on grass and another 2h on the water. Can't say enough positives about the lessons, Craig is a retired teacher and it really shows; the lessons were outstanding and I was casting well enough to fish right away. I know he has also talked about going to Spokane to give lessons, but give him a call or email and find out.
  6. Lee Davidson should be at the clave as well and he is a FFF Certified Two-handed casting instructor as well as an all around great human being. www.snakeriveroutfitters.com/

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  7. +1 for the Lee Davidson recommendation. Top flight instructor.

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