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  1. Kerry,

    It happens. But not often. You shoulda' checked to see if you could walk on water while you were at it. I'm sorry you were able to get out for just the one day. When you're a steelheader, it's more important to get time on the water than it is to catch one fish, although your experience makes for good story telling.

  2. Three years ago I flew home to Seattle from Arizona, got off the plane grabbed my brand new never fished MKS 7/8 at my dad's in Seatac and headed to the Sky and Buck Island. Sun was going down by the time I walked in, nobody but me in the run, made about 10 casts and wham, a 38 inch wild buck that tore my Marquis up. It happened so fast, I was laughing out loud all the way home. Sometimes (okay about as often as seeing a 3 legged ballerina) shit just lines up and magic happens. I didn't go back to the Sky the rest of the trip and landed 3 more wild fish in the Sauk in 7 days. As I was getting back on the plane, I actually had this crazy delusional thought in my head, that things were getting good again back home. By the time I sat down and started reading, I realized that maybe, just maybe, that was the best trip I will ever have again back home. I landed in Arizona with a heavy heart. Tight lines fellas and never give up. Duffer
  3. If we're talking about psycho wonder days, I caught seven steelhead on the N Fk Stilly in two hours one late fall day in what? 97-99 somewhere? what was that real dry autumn we had? There were a few dry autumns in the late 90's.
    Me and my buddy Steve had pounded the water for hours without a bump, trying to avoid the dogs, and we came on this pool with a bunch of cookie cutter steelhead stacked in there, holding in midwater like pressured fish sometimes will. I put on a #14 nondescript nymph and started catching one after another, Steve stayed with his big honking classic pattern-a Fall Favotite I think-and not a blip. Finally he kissed my ass enough to get one of my nymphs and he caught and released two...every one of the nine we caught were 5-8 lb.
    I had a three year dry spell after that.

    Man, thanks you guys for reminding me about that. I'm getting wood here.
    I love those days where luck fools you into thinking for a second you actually know what you're doing, that you actually deserve to catch one.
  4. 8 in one day on the Hood in 2002 I think it was. Never come close to that again any where.
  5. I know what you are saying.

    I usually think I had a break through or something on a good day but than I hit a slump and badluck ensues and I go back to square one with my confidence.

    It doesn't take any skill to catch a steelhead really, just a shit-ton of good luck.

    Remind me of a new fly fisher/spey caster I took out this spring on the Skagit. Nailed a 12 pound wild fish on his 20th cast EVER. Barely landed it. Lucky, lucky, lucky. He kept saying, "This isn't so hard...." and, "I need to buy a video camera and start guiding." while I just bit my tongue.....
  6. I fished the Grand Ronde years ago for three days. Everybody (old women with spoons, 6 year olds, a blind guy-swear to God), were catching fish, lots of them. On gear, flies, boogers, Cheeto's, okay I'm starting to exaggerate, but you get the drift. For two days not even a bump. I was just about ready to kick the chair out from underneath me. On morning 3, I landed 7 in under two hours. Same tactics, same flows, same water temps, same runs, same lines, flies, rod, reels and the whole shooting match. Nobody else was even getting a sniff that morning. If that isn't steelheading in a nutshell I don't know what the heck is. They drive you nuts and just when you want a divorce, they "pull" you right back into that twisted sick love affair so many of us are buried in forever. Tight lines Coach Duff
  7. The Ronde is a funny river for steelhead. A friend of mine several years ago couldn't buy a fish out of the Ronde for 5 or 6 days. Everyone else was hitting fish all up and down the river. One morning my friend started fishing pocket water like he was targeting trout and hooked 5 or 6 steelhead in about an hour or so. The poor guy was totally hung over from a hard night drinking and after the 5th or 6th fish all he could do was sit on the bank and shake. He was shaking so bad he couldn't cast anymore. Funny as hell. That day also taught me not to pass up that water you think is to shallow and/or to fast to hold steelhead, at least not on the Ronde.

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