Speybum’s Third Annual Speyclave

Discussion in 'Events' started by SPEYBUM, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Saturday November 27th 2004
    River Run Anglers will hoisting the Third Annual Spey Clave Speyclave
    The Location will at the Mouth of Tolt River in Carnation Washington
    It has been Three short years since the first my first Speyclave.
    The format remains the Same Casting New Rods, Lines and having fun.
    We will start about 9:00 am until we drop.
    Looking forward to seeing you.
  2. This is a most to any Spey Fisherman. :thumb:

    I just hope I’m on my feet by then!
  3. Is there an expertise requirement for this one? I have about 2.5 months of Spey casting under my belt and lately everything's gone to hell. I would love it if somebody could get me pointed in the right direction. Also interested in throwing some different lines on my rod (since nobody here in Spokane is set up for demo casting spey rods/lines).
  4. Nope. No expertise requirement at all. Aaron would love to have there.
  5. Aaron,
    I'll be there, unless I'm guiding.

    See you soon!
  6. Speybum?s Third Annual Speyclave

    I have never even touched a speyrod. I wouldn't mind checking out what all the hullabaloo is all about. Would that be allright if I am a total newbie speyfisher? :confused:
  7. Monk:

    No experience is necessary. Beside it is better that way. You won't have any bad habits to break. Like I do.

  8. I'd really like to make this one (make that I really need) but I'm not sure where the Tolt is. I looked on a map and couldn't find it. If anyone has directions they could e-mail me, I'd be most appreciative. I'll be heading up I-5 from Yelm and can make it to Carnation without a problem.

  9. Hi Ron, here is a map.
  10. Thanks D-Loop, hope to see you there.

  11. You too. I'm hoping I can make it as well.
  12. Crap!
    I'll be in Canada. Sorry Aaron!
  13. River Report
    Look like if the river keep dropping we should be ok!
    If not we will be on the Grass
  14. Great Clave today. The river bounced right back into shape just in time. Ron and Vicky made the long hike there. It was good to meet them.

    Here are some pics. It was a little tough keeping raindrops off the lens today.

    Thanks Aaron, Brian, Mike and the others!
  15. Thanks Aaron. I enjoyed the Clave thoroughly. It was definitely worth the trip. I just wish I hadn't arrived so late. Only problem is that now I'm just about convinced that a two handed rod is definitely something that I'm going to have to add to my tool bag. So many things on the Christmas list...

  16. Vickie and I had a great time at the Clave. It was good to meet D-Loop and others. I probably learned more in the three hours we were there than I have any other time. Great get away for a day.

    REE and VEE
  17. Rain and High water but we had fun .
    Well Speybum Third annual Speyclave is history
    We had heavey rains but it did not slow the attendance
    I have a lot of people thank.
    Ray Phelps thanks for the Company and Balevnie Double Wood to toast the Clave with.
    Leroy and Ron thanks for giving your presentation it really fit the program.
    Mike and Brain thanks guys
    Marlow that you for the Showing us the New Dredgers love the 13’ 4’.
    D-loop as usual thank you for the great photos.

    To The Rest of you that came my deepest thanks for your support

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