Speyclave in BC

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by speyghillie, Jan 10, 2006.

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    .S. not spending all three weeks looking for a location, got to go see speyman, he owes me a beer and it will be my birthday.
    Cheers Gordon (speyghillie)

    And?:thumb: :cool:

    ptyd :beer2: :beer1:
  2. speyghillie speyghillie

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    Hey Jetsream,
    It cant be all about work, i know you know, has that ghillie on the ness been talking to you, thats the last time he sleeps on my couch and gets a big breakfast in the morning.:thumb:
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    Gordon, as this will be a two day event, have you got anything 'laid in' for traveling folk vis a vis motel(s), RV parks, etc? Understand this is somewhat 'location dependent' but would be most helpful for folks traveling a long way.

    And welcome to the wonders of setting up a (Con)Clave. bawling: That's were the word comes from.

    Fred Evans
    Ashland, Oregon
  4. speyghillie speyghillie

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    Hi Fred,
    I will be over in BC and Washington in two weeks for three weeks, i will hopefully be able post a venue and accomodation including motels,RV park ect.
    Got the opening of the river Spey on Saturday, got to do a bbq at the river for 40/50 guy's, and my boss will be bringing the whiskey, so i guess it will be double Spey's all round, ask if they want water in there dram, and they will answer , only if there's enough room.:beer1:
    I will be able to post all the details when i get back from BC, thats if i get passed Saturday.
    Cheers Gordon.:beer2:
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    I went to Poppy's clave last fall. Definitely a great time. It was free, there were door prizes, food, instuction, rods to demo, and he even gave everyone a discount at this shop for the next week. :thumb: