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  1. Have talk to Tim about them but haven't tried one. I found a switch blank from the 70's or 80's that is part or all fiberglass. The builder isn't sure if it is all glass. It was found it the back of a shop and got 8 blanks. I found out about them from another site. It will be a 11' 7wt rod. It is being built right now, should have it in a couple of weeks. Can't wait.
  2. Did find out today that the fiberglass one I'm having built, all the blanks are taken and there are no more. Sorry.
  3. Curious to what that bad boy would weigh.
  4. Can't answer that directly as the make up of the handle/etc., could vary same by an ounce (or more?). But if John and I are talking about 'Apples and Apples' I have the first of the 'switch rods' built out of that blank. It is fibre glass through and through and it's 'casting style' is almost a mirror image of Bamboo. Line that came with mine was a bit over 300 grains, and it's very much on the light side for this 'stick.' Threaded on a 420 grain Scandi and the thing casts like a bullet coming out of a rifle barrel.

    BUT, and here's a big BUT, the action of this rod is waaaaaay different that any carbon fiber 2-hander you'll ever cast. Most 2-handers I can pick up and a half dozen casts or so have the rod/line somewhat 'dialed in.' Not this Puppy! Took me darned near a half hour before I had a A HA!

    There are several 'styles' of two handed casting and this rod 'demands' the 'under-hand' type of work. Arms/elbows in close and most of the cast work done by the lower hand/top hand is more of a 'fulcrum' rather than the one that puts the power to the cast. That aside, a treat to cast ... and Baby had her first "Fish On" last week.

    Pity it only lasted a few seconds before the #8 hook pulled out.

  5. Awesome Fred, mine will be on the way this week. Steve made a 410 grain 34.75 scandi head for summer fishing. I will let you know what I think. Hope this helps Mojo, and good luck!!
  6. EXCELLENT! The line Steve sent me was (memory here) 320 grains-31 foot and it will work ... just barely. Loaded on a 420 grain/31' Scandi (RIO?) and 9' leader/ heavy fly and ZOOM! Was fishing a current seam 75-80 foot off the bank and when the leader/head/shooting line came to a stop against the SpeyCo reel it actually still had enough force going to pull a few inches of line off the reel.

    Now that's a cool thing; had to 'mellow out' my casting stroke.

    Don't wait for summer, this Puppy will handle a good sized Winter Run.

    Edit: Mojo, if the action of that rod (sounds a tad shorter than the blanks Steve got his hands on (very similar story I might add) you'll love the rod. It has ... what's the word? ... Ah! ... MOJO.

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