Speying a Glo-Bug: Kosher?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by kimosabe, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. kimosabe

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    Speying a Glo-Bug?

    Hi folks, is this looked upon favorably or scorned by old school speyrodders? Just asking:)
  2. o mykiss

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    This oughta' be good. :)
  3. Red Shed

    Red Shed "junkyard spey"

    My opinion only. Fishing should be about one's pleasure. If you find pleasure in fishing a glo bug I certainly wouldn't have a problem with it, as long as you weren't flossing them off the beds.
  4. thewaker

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    What's really kosher in this world anymore? Everybodys so PC.Someone will always have a problem with it if you talk to enough folks. Speycasting is generally about the cast and the ability to reach out a little farther and control line speed on a swinging fly. I'm sure you know that. That said, do what floats your boat. If you want to huck a lead eyed glo bug around on a spey rod go for it. You shouldn't need permission. While it is not my technique of choice I have on occasion done it and it can be highly effective. Line management and hook setting are much easier on a single hand rod in my opinion.

  5. Big Tuna

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    I'm not an "old school" spey guy, nor do I worry about how other guys fish, but in answer to your question, I would say most "old school" guys would frown on it. I say that based upon responses I have read on a web site that attracts "old school" spey rod guys. Out of curiosity, why do you ask?
  6. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Well, I say if they truly are "old school" spey guys, they'll be using greenheart spey rods (I have one), using heavy wood reels (or big brass reels), old spey line (floating of course) and only using true "spey flies". So if there are any of those guys out there, then they can tell you what they think. I for one say do what you want as long as it's legal to do. Most of us who use a speyrod aren't using it as it was intended. BUT......everything out there is being used differently. So don't worry. If you're having fun and it's not hurting anyone, do it (oh yeah, and the legal thing too lol).
  7. luckybalbowa

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    What is really interesting to me is not any of the answers that you will get to your question, because I think we already know what the spectrum of answers will be like, but what is interesting is the fact you felt it necessary to ask permission from your peer group in order to gain acceptance from them. But its not like this was the first time someone was worried about fitting in with their peers in the FF community. It seems as though flyfishing for many is more of a social club than getting a fish to bite. Otherwise people would be more interested in making themselves happy regardless of the opinions other people.

    But that is just my take on it. :)
  8. Steelie Mike

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    I thought fly choice did not matter when swinging for steelhead :). As a New School fly fisherman, I swing egg patterns. It is deadly in the fall and winter months when the fish are used to seeing these little dots of protein drift downstream. Just ask my avatar.
  9. Big Tuna

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    It doesn't matter to some, to others it's a big deal. I would describe those who take issue w/ certain types of flies or techniques as "old school." I suppose we could debate what constitutes "old school," but that would be about as productive as the never-ending debate on swinging vs. nymphing. Makes me no never mind what others put on the end of their line in the name of fly fishing.
  10. kimosabe

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    hi BigTuna, I asked becos I always believed that flyfishing and speying is about the cast...just the art of it and hooking a fish is just icing on the cake.

    Not intended to disrespect or cause a rift between old school Speyers :)

    Maybe my question just ought to be do you spey with a glo-bug?:)
  11. Big Tuna

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  12. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    Why does it matter? Who cares? Are you worried someone might be looking over your shoulder while you fish? Do you look over peoples shoulders to see how they fish? :confused:

    If that's true, then perhaps you should put on your leotard and try this out. For the 'traditionalist' and 'artistic' fly fishers out there - this seem right up your ally. Bamboo sticks, silk lines, graceful and fluid movemnet, strict rules, etc:


    :clown: :clown:
  13. doublespey

    doublespey Steelhead-a-holic

    Oooooooh - the famous single underhanded floating "Z" cast. :beer1:
  14. Panhandle

    Panhandle Active Member

    "Swinging egg patterns"..... that does it!, these fish are truly stupid:D I've lost all respect for steelhead now.:ray1:
  15. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member


    Kosher has become pretty much irrelevant to fly fishing anymore. When the pace of change and technical innovation was much slower, fly fishing was as much about tradition as anything. The applecart of tradition has likely been permanently upset by rapid changes in adapting technical changes and technique to the objective of nearly instant results.

    I've come to believe that among many, anything passes for fly fishing these days. A few years ago I debated with some Great Lakes area folks that included strip casting (aka chuck & duck) with monofilament nylon line, lead shot slinky weights, and trout nymphs or globugs for flies within their definition of steelhead flyfishing. If someone now tells me they are fly fishing with salmon roe for bait, I'm not going to waste my breath in any further "what is fly fishing" debates.

    To the extent that fly fishing is about tradition, I humorously accept fly fishing to be limited to the use of rods made of split cane (or greenheart as Jerry noted above), reels made in England, lines of silk, gut leaders, and flies dressed only with natural materials. The rest of us are just a bunch of disgusting bait goobers.

    Regarding your question, I think what it comes down to is whether or not Speycasting a globug is an effective way to fish. Someone mentioned legal, but I hardly see that as the case either, anymore. In WA state, fly fishing regulations formerly prohibited the use of any weighted flies, or weight or shot on leaders, and required that the weight of the fly line to cast the fly. Somewhere over the years, that changed, possibly due to trout fishers desiring to use weighted nymphs or split shot on leaders to sink nymphs to fishing depths, I'm not sure. The upshot is that fly fishing technique has expanded to where a lot of it is barely recognizable when contrasted against its former version.

    Is it Kosher? The answer is that it simply doesn't matter.


    Salmo g.
  16. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    Why not? If the fellows in the UK can use a 'roe imitation' why not us? (Actually interesting, they (glo-bugs) have just 'come on scene over the past year.)
  17. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    It's funny talking about traditions. I've actually used that greenheart (talk about slow, WOW) with a traditional reel on it. What a beast to cast all day (I only did it for a couple hours). I personally feel that if you could put those same guys who started these traditions into todays world and changed their status, they wouldn't go the same routes they did then. Let me explain.

    Most of those guys using double handed salmon rods (aka speyrods) were of priveldge and had ghillies who tied ALL their flies for them (well, I do know some of them tied flies, but bet not all of them all the time). Now, make them tie all their own flies (much easier to lose flies tied by someone else then ones you tie yourself) and give them some of these newer generation flyrods, reels, and lines and I bet you'd have a TON of converts on your hands (the weight of my 16' 3 piece greenheart weighs MORE then similar rod/reel/and line of my current spey rod, let alone adding the heavy reels and line they were using). So tradition IMHO is what you make of it. I say go for it.

    Now, if you really need it to be kosher, I bet you could find a Rabbi to bless it for you. ;)
  18. Mark Speer

    Mark Speer It's all good.....

    Do what turns you on, or more importantly what turns on the iron heads.
  19. Jumbo

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    As a Jewish Speycaster, I take great offense at the use of the term "kosher"

    Kosher has a very specific meaning that often gets overlooked in this day and age. My family and I keep a kosher household, but that has nothing to do with speycasting.

    Our society misuses the term kosher broadly, at great offense to kosher jews like myself...

    Oh, and on the egg pattern things, you might as well use bait.
  20. I don't get why people get so worked up over nymphing for steelhead. A glo-bug is a heck of alot closer to immitating a natural food form than a popsickle marabou - or most spey flies for that matter. Even cavemen realized that evolution is a good thing. Tradition is fine, but unless you're also fishing with antique lines, reels and rods, it is pretty lame to use "tradition" as an excuse to trash on people who don't fish the same way you do. Methods differ, but the MAIN purpose of fishing (flyfishing included) is to CATCH fish, right?

    Caveat: this is not directed at any one person, it is just my rant for the day.