Speying a Glo-Bug: Kosher?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by kimosabe, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. kimosabe

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    Sorry Jumbo
  2. miyawaki

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    Are you in Maine? If you're flyfishing for steelhead, my understanding is that you must fish nymphs and glo bugs to have any kind of a chance to hook a steelhead. And why would it matter what we think in the northwest, where the waters we fish are totally different than yours?

    Just curious,
  3. Will Atlas

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    only if the glo bug is first blessed by a rabbi. and no putting cheese on top.
  4. Piscivorous

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    I would say it's cool so long as you use tie in a jungle cock eye w/ some french lagartun (whip finished w/ hands, not tool, and using hand as a vice);) .
  5. doublespey

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    Can you get a rabbi to bless it with some good single malt??
    I think that would suffice. :)
  6. Nate Dutton

    Nate Dutton I'm a teacher, I fish to eat!

    SPEY CASTING WITH GLO BUG????? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND????? that is a great idea! Hey why not!!! I would thow and old sock out there (that i tied of course) if it catches fish! Heck this one time i had a dream i was a steelhead and I ate a glo-bug from a spey rod......wow intense. Anyways i could physco-analyze your org. post but the flat up and down of it is......If it Rocks your horse then keep on doing it....but if it doesn't work then you should probably try something new because it didn't work.
  7. kimosabe

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    Hi Leland, I am a newbie with a 2 handed rod...yes I am in Maine, fish the steelies in New York occasionally but
    the landlocks and brookies likes eggs too :)

    As to why I care what you guys think....you folks have collective experiences/methods/patterns that I appreciate and would like to use in my fishing.

    I am thinking of chucking...:) I meant speying out an intruder/skagit minnow/old sock as opposed to traditional Maine streamers on Maine rivers could be fun.

    I was just curious as to what the prevailing attitude is among folks who spey alot:) about the glo-bug

    Just asking and learning along the way:)
  8. Marty

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    If you are swinging it I don’t see how it is any different then swinging a polar shrimp, oh wait a min it has a wing. During a long drive this past weekend with my brother-in-law the topic of tinheads came up. He talked about how most of the anglers were fishing glow-bugs with an indicator in the heads of the riffles, every one in a line. He was told he had to do the same to catch. His response was how did they get to the head of the run as he went to the tail out and started to swing his fly all by himself. It wasn’t long before he was hooked up with a bright fish. The guys he was fishing with could not believe it. I think you will find more anglers swing flies with two handers out there these days. Now if you plan to nymph with a two hander it would be better to stick with the rod you have
  9. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    kimo- ol'schoolers are still into scented tying material, eggs are great,i fish eggs as a trailer? wouldnt you!, and a PINK plastic squid. i love it!
  10. Hal Eckert

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    The so called spey tradilionists will have a problem with it but if its legal in the waters you fish why not and sometimes fishing an egg may be your best chance at a hookup. Myself I usually start swinging a spey or streamer, then perhaps if there is no action later in the day go to nymphs and/or an egg pattern.

    :beer2: :beer1:

  11. salty spey

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    I just hope my daughter never considers marrying someone who has been known to swing a Babine Special or Double Egged Sperm Fly. I mean, what would the neighbors think? Let it go guys. Sheesh!!!
  12. Big K1

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    No globugs for me. Just a personal preference.
  13. Philster

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    A spey rod is just a big ol' long worm pole after all. Hugh Falkus sometimes swung a prawn. Not a prawn pattern... A prawn. As in the thing you dip in Tempura... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... Tempura...... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Tempura's not kosher right? Shrimp are Tref?
  14. Marty

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    I have been casting a two handed rod for 20 years now and I have no problem with how anyone uses a long rod, what ever floats your boat. I on the other hand prefer to used the rod to swing flies and if that makes me a traditionalist well then I guess I r one. I guess my issue here is that some anglers feel the need to segregate others by the technique they use to catch fish. Most fly fishers feel they are above bait or spoon chucker’s, dry fly fishers feel they are above nymphers, Swingers feel they are above strike indicators and it goes on and on. I look at this in reverse, I swing flies because it is for me is the most challenging way to catch a steelhead, I know indicators are highly effective and that I could more than likely catch more fish using one but is it my choice not to. If it were a number game for me I would throw away all my fly gear and turn to bait. The reason there are two handed rods is because someone way back when figured out a better way to get the fly out to where it need to be. My thought is use the rod the way it works best for you and forget about what others think.
  15. Hal Eckert

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    They are I have proven it to myself several times when swinging flys through water I knew fish were in and not getting a touch, then switching to an indicator set up and immediatedly starting to hook steelhead. Some water is just not ideal "swinging water" which you need to figure out on your rivers. BTW, I have never used bait on the spey rod but have tried some small light weight trout colorado spinners and they can be very easily cast effectively with the spey rod. Of course when I am alone and no one else is around.

    :) :beer2:

  16. John Hicks

    John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits


    I would have to say that swinging is comming into fashion out on the great lakes. Of course when you swing out here the catch rate comes down to that which is human by west coast standards.
  17. Rob Zelk

    Rob Zelk I swing, therefore i am.

    Swining conflicts with nymphing because nymphers don't move through runs the same way; I personally have never come across this problem yet, but i could see why some traditionalists could be angry, not just traditionalists but any swinger for that matter. I'll nymph for trout but I have been swining for steel so long, when i nymph I find it hard to lock my attention into constantly working the line and indicator when steel fishing. Plus, I just love spey casting(without an indicator). Of course I'm used to my ways, a long time nympher would tell you the same. Swing only where a swing allows you to, and do it right, you'll catch'em if they are there, as would a good nympher. Personally, I have seen steel caught behind nymphers, plug pullers, and sidedrifters by swingers, they only have an advantage of fishing water where swingers can't get a fly down. Its funny because i nymphed a run a while back and didn't touch a thing, then i swung it and caught a fish; vice versa to the story above, it just comes down to preference and what method you choose to master. And a bit to add, I also once saw a friend catch a 20lb plus fish, after 10 passes had been made in this particular run, by swingers, including myself and my other friend. Why didn't they(we) catch the fish? Because they weren't swinging the same way, skill level is paramount, not just in swining but in any method.
  18. bigtj

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    It seems like sometimes everything is up for scorn by some of the "so-called" traditionalists. So I can see why you might ask the question. My reply is, I don't give a rat's behind what anybody thinks, I'm gonna fish the way I want, courteously (i.e. no low-holing, follow etiquitte) and if others don't like the fly - or rig (including an indicator) I'm using then too damn bad for them. It's a free country last time I checked.
  19. Hal Eckert

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    Right on as long its a legal technique on the water, I gave four years of my life for these american freedoms as many others have in service to country.

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  20. kimosabe

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    Hi guys, it is just fishing, I don't think it has come the point where our personal liberty is in jeopardy as to whether we swing or not :)

    Maybe it is time to let this post RIP:)

    BTW, BGhost, I thank you and others for serving