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  1. Which boat? Ya wanna see me sling this here hand painted balsa wood plug with a nose spinner on a long bamboo rod held together by clear electrical tape while standing on my solo inflatable and straddling the seat anchored in the current?
  2. Oh that pole! Shit I'm slow. The stripper pole.
  3. Oddly enough, my boat didn't come with that accessory,could it mean that I need to upgrade my equipment?
  4. Check with my friend Freestone. Freestone provided the link to the proper bracket. I'm thinking one of my current Line X covered load bearing cataraft decks would take that vertical pole mount well and one of the angler seats could be removed to make a little space...or left in place so there is little space between the vertical pole user and the seat occupant. I guess if I'm rowing this should be set up on the front deck, not the rear deck. Come to think of it, that vertical pole bracket could be put right where my feet rest on the footbar, there is a bit of that load bearing deck to mount the bracket. Then the front angler can stay focused on the fishing, the dancing can happen right in front of me and all would be well in the world.
  5. What a thread! It has gone from a 2 handed side planer seminar to chastizement for being childish to big assed bamboo rods, to boats equipped with stripper poles, stripper included. Gawd, I love fly fishing with a 2 handed rod.
  6. What, was this thread supposed to be considered serious?
  7. Fishing? Hmmm...What's it look like?
  8. Hey, I could actually give a demo on this. I've done it. Used side planners for years. Love small crawfish style plugs during summertime. Realized I had forgot my gear rod, but had my 7wt with floating line. Put a longer leader on, strung the side planner, and ran the plug. Worked like a charm. Now, did I catch anything? Nope. But did make it work. :)
  9. Mumbles , see above
  10. Jerry ..... are you REALLY SURE you want to admit to that on the Internet??????

    If someone from the SpeyPages web board sees this there could be a reenactment of the black and white film of "Frankenstein." Locals with burning torches, pitch forks, farm implements in hand storming your Castle.

    On second thought, THAT would be something to see on U-Tube.

  11. They could cook him in one of his own well seasoned cast iron pots,

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