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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Riverman, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Riverman Member

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    Any of you guys out there use the 30" spike anchor on your drift boat or raft?

    How do you like them?


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  2. Bill McAllister New Member

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    Have one for my driftboat but didn't like it much. If you get one be careful what the bottom of the river is like since the spikes can get caught under rocks making it difficult to pull back up, you must also pull it up quickly because you could drag it a few feet into a large rock and get stuck. Mine was too heavy and bought it before I knew better for the Olympic Peninsula for heavy water.
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Tried one. Tougher to pull than pyramid for me.
  4. Riverman Member

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    You guys like the Pyramid better? thanks
  5. Peyton00 Active Member

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    I have #30. My friend has a #40 for his DB. I like them, they hold tight and have never had an issue with one snagging up on the bottom structure. Dont get stuck with a pyramid being draged down river... thats where trouble starts.
  6. Guy Gregory Active Member

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    my 15# always held my eastsider. Good for rocky bottoms. Never felt the need for a big pyramid. Never, ever jammed. But then, I don't anchor in big current.
  7. Peyton00 Active Member

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    I should add,in the boat with the #40 anchor, we fish 3 guys most of the time and we are over 220lbs each. .
  8. Riverman Member

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    I want to weld up a metal pyramid and spike anchor to try out in the trout river. See which one I like best...
  9. Old406Kid Active Member

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    Your post says 30" but based on your picture, which appears to be a Hyde anchor, I assume you meant 30#.
    I have a '94 Hyde with an older, cruder 30# version of it and have never had any problems. Mine is basically
    4" bar stock with some 3/4" rebar welded to it. I don't think it can really roll due to the attachment point.
    Having used both I don't see much difference but still prefer the more traditional look of the pyramid other
    than the lead factor.
    As much as I have been getting out lately the lead factor hasn't been much of an issue.:)
  10. MT_Flyfisher Member

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    I used a lead pyramid anchor on my Clackacraft for a number of years, before going to a spike anchor and a new Hyde 2 summers ago.

    My experience with the lead pyramid anchor was that it seemed to get down somewhat faster than the spike anchor, probably due to the design difference between the two types, but it twisted the rope much more, and what started life as a 30# anchor, soon became 25#, and probably less than that shortly thereafter. I can't honestly say if one holds better than the other - both seem to do the job.

    I agree that my spike anchor (mine actually weighs 35# although Hyde lists it as 30#) may be somewhat harder to raise than a pyramid, but that hasn't presented any undue problems for me so far. And, I would say that it's tendency to not twisting the anchor rope has been a major benefit.

    I have yet to experience any major problems getting it stuck on rocks on the bottom, but then again I try to be careful where I anchor to minimize such problems.

    About 90 - 95% of the time I use my drift boat on the Yellowstone River - specifically, the first 100 miles of it after it leaves the Park, and I am right on the river bank, so I see everyone who floats by our place (when I'm outside and looking, of course). From my observations, I'd guess that 75% of the people floating the Yellowstone use spike anchors, and perhaps a slightly higher percentage of the guides. I wouldn't want to use something just because the other guy uses it, but in this case I think the spike anchor just might be the better choice.
  11. PT Physhicist

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    It's not going to roll. Under tension, how could it. Had one on my Hyde and liked it. Didn't notice much difference between it and a pyramid so I'd just use whichever you have access to. Yak, Sky, Sauk, etc. Not much difference between the two.
  12. Riverman Member

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    The pyramid's hold pretty good, but I've never tried a spike anchor yet. Got a welder though... I'll build one this month.