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  1. fixj

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    I can't find the spine on a 9ft 7 pc blank. each section is only 15.5 ". is the short length of the sections my problem? the first 4 sections are very rigid the next three don't give any indication of a spine using the traditional test. appreciate any suggestions .
  2. James Mello

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    don't worry about the spine. It's an old technique based on the old school fiberglass lays they used to do.
  3. rockthief

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    Roll the blank on a flat surface to find the spline if ther eis one. if it is not apparent don't worry about it, just build your rod and fish away. I agree with Mello.
  4. Mike Ediger

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    I agree with James. While there will always be people who fall on both sides of this debate, some of the most respected people in the custom rod building business say it doesn't really matter.
    Look down your top section, or in your case line up your 2 or 3 distal sections and build on the straightest line and be well my friend.
  5. CC898

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    I have to agree with the others. If its stiff enough that you cant find it, its not going to effect your cast(most of us cant tell anyway) in any negative way. If you have found the spine on the tip section, us it, and build the rest to the straightest axis. I really only worry about spine on full flex rods of lower line weight.