Spirit Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by KerryS, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Break out the bass gear boys, Bill Dance is coming to Spirit Lake!:thumb:

    P.S. What do you think a surface take on a salamander would look like?
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    I had always heard that some fish survived in creek valleys that were in the lee side of the eruption. Not sure if that is true or not.

    Either way, I agree with Silverfly. One of the most beautiful places ever before the eruption. I never did fish the lake, but we caught steelies in the North Fork Toutle above the lake in the 70's.
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    I know there are numerous opinions on Spirit Lake but can anyone tell me what the current official line is?

    Is the possibility of fishing 'under review' or out of the question at present? Is there any active lobbying of the decision makers going on or are people generally prepared to abide by whatever the powers-that-be decide?

    Stuck in England, it won't affect me either way but it is an intriguing debate. As an aside, what do the scientists among you say to an opinion I've read elsewhere that if scientists can't assess the effect of volcanic eruption on a body of water inside 30 years, then maybe they're in the wrong line of work...?
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    I'd becareful guys, the ghost of Harry Truman hangs out there. :)

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    yup spent a lot of time there as a kid caught mostly good sized cutts there best thing was harry truman always talking with us kids and to be careful of the bears, one day we caught him in a bear suit:rofl: first bear i ever heard cuss when he tripped:rofl: like antthing we get to do there is always a minority that will either force it to remain closed or not use it unless you are willing to put up with ll the extreme rules and policies:beathead:
    thanx smitty
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    Open it to selective gear rules that are actually enforced, control the access and number of rods on the water by permit... maybe a lottery system, you apply to fish the lake, you get accepted and then you choose what day or days you get to fish.
    If you can't make it your slot go's to someone on the standby list.
    The state would need to manage it like a trophy water and atleast pretend that they were trying, there are tons of extremely well managed private waters all over the country that have excellent fishiing that is sustainable becuase they are well managed and not abused.
    Anyone caught poaching or fishing illegally gets to walk up and down the access road wearing nothing but a sandwhich board sign that explains the consequences of breaking the law!

    With that said, where do I sign up to catch some mutant fish that apparently fell from the heavens into the lake?