Spokane in June

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  1. Anyone have some suggestions for a lake to fish/camp in Spokane for a weekend towards the end of June? As long as it's within an hour drive or so of Spokane, it'll be good. I used to live in Chewelah, so I know I could camp/cabin at Jump Off Joe or Waitts, but interested in something new like West Medical, Amber, Sprague, etc. Just my bro and I. We'll be bringing 'toons and float tubes and tents/camping gear for a weekend. Goin' to see the great soft rock legends Slayer following the weekend of some good fishing.:beer2: Thanks.
  2. Think you'd be better off going over to the C'dA river drainage if the flows cooperate. Lots of great camping and lots of water.
  3. Riverside State Park is nice, close, offers good fishing access for rainbows and browns, and is a cool place to boot. Lots of RV guys but its not a big deal.
  4. By the end of June you'll be past the best lowland lake trout opportunities (too warm). If you want a lake with trout, go north and pick something with a little elevation. Or take the others suggestions and fish a nice stream.
  5. Thanks. Yeah, probably have to check out some old favorites up north, maybe possibly find a way to fish the Colville.

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