Spokane premier of Connect to Benefit The Wild Steelhead Coalition

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jmills81, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. most of it will be a buck a ticket, but I think the guide trips might be a slight bit more...either way, bring your scrilla...
  2. just a scosh over a week away and things are shaping up nicely

    Simms just threw down on some raffle gear

    Mike Doughty graced us with some narsty streamers

    A friend from Woodcraft in the valley is donating a beautifully hand crafted landing net

    We're looking at a royally massive pile of raffle prizes....remember, 3 guided trips are there too.

    Also, a generous portion of the proceeds are going to Bill McMillen's study on developing a baseline for historic returns for steelhead in the Columbia Basin above Bonneville Dam. So in other words, our eastside rivers gentlemen. We cant fully go forward unless we understand where we have been

    Here's a link to that study the Wild Steelhead Coalition and Mr McMillen are working on

    Please, please, puuuuuuurdy please come on out and enjoy a great night...

    Bring cash!!
  3. TOMORROW's the big night, hope to see a bunch of you there!
  4. Thanks again for hosting the event and supporting the WSC
  5. Bump...today is the day.
  6. Thanks to everyone who came out and help, supported, bought raffle tickets and had a good time. After our expenses such as building rental and rental of the film....we netted over $2,000 for the Wild Steelhead Coalition. Boo yah
  7. Nice job Josh I would have been there but was sick as a dog, or sicker......
  8. Strong work Josh, it was a really good time!
  9. yer just excited because you won the Korkers boots!!
  10. Nice work Josh! Always a good time to get to see you and OMR doing work together
  11. What are the chances of an event like this making its way over to the east side? I am willing to bet it would be well received.
  12. I thought spokane was the east side.
  13. damn. I meant *west side.
  14. Solid first post... i beleive they had one over on the Westside, i am far from the expert on this though.
  15. That might be part of it :thumb:
    Also its nice to be able to take the wife to an event like yours and have her enjoy herself around a buncha hooligan fisherman like myself!
  16. Great show Josh! I sent you a PM.
  17. Huge, huge thank you from the entire WSC--board of directors to members--for the energy and time commitment that went into hosting this fundraiser and raising $2,000 for the Wild Steelhead Coaltion and helping directly fund our work on wild steelhead recovery.

    Wild steelhead sure could use more people like Josh...

    ...well done, sir, well done.

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