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  1. Okie Dokie Jmills!! lol ptyd

    OH AND BTW.. Jmills, you said I only caught one fish last year. I said one fish this year on easter infront of the powerhouse in the year round waters. I've only been there. But I could use some info on some better spots. My fav. spots weren't very productive last year lol.

    I have recently opened a social group called THE SPOKANE RIVER FLY GROUP. Anyone who fishes the SPOKANE RIVER frequently, often, or is interested in fishing the river should join. I think this is a good idea because we could have small get togethers on the river, and meet some nice fly fishers who fish in the Spokane backyard. So if you fish the river FREQUENTLY, OFTEN, OR ARE INTERESTED IN FISHING THE RIVER, YOU SHOULD JOIN.

    Thank you.
  3. Easy guys. We're talking about the Spokane River here, not silver creek or the Henry's Fork. It is one of my favorite rivers as well, and is a wonderful fishery. It is what it is though---a river with porn and syringes mingling with 20+ inch trout. It will never be a destination fishery. On top of that, the fish don't come easy. To catch fish consistently you have to know what you're doing, that eliminates 90% of the flyfishing community. In other words, I don't think the Spoke's precious radioactive rainbows are in any jeopardy of being fished out, especially when we have other pristine rivers to attract people. I agree not to spill the beans, but I'll throw anyone a bone who wants to get going on this river, sorry.:( My feeling is that if you turn someone on, it will only improve the chances of the Spoke being managed better. Thanks for the regs clarification, Jerry.
  4. Ha! Great points, I especially like the part about porn, syringes, and 20+ inch trout! Too true. It doesn't have to be a destination fishery, as long as I keep catching nice fish, which is usually quite possible, and as long as I live 5 minutes from it, it will remain one of my top destinations! Not to say I don't wish it was cleaner and less toxic and so on! :thumb:
  5. Who doesn't want the river to be less toxic! :clown:

    There are a lot of nice 20+ er's in there. Nice 5 minute walk from my house. I seriously walk down about 3 blocks, then down a hill about 3 blocks. SIMPLE!! lol :rofl:

    The river is also overpopulated with smallmouth. How could we get the population down a bit? To much bass, and that could be harmful to the trout. I seriously have talked to people who have fished the river for years. They used to limit out on trout. Soon, they started to catch a mix of trout and bass. Now, they mainly catch bass. What can we do???


    Please do your part and pick up trash while you are down there. Thank you.

    Troutcatcher :cool:
  6. not much other then fish for bass i suppose, or fish the lower. Last summer on my bike rides there would be pods of fish raising all around the centential trail bride at gonzaga. I always saw bait fishers fishing off the brige and i would stop and watch them catch nice trout. Im gonna climb the underside of the bridge one of these days and flsh 360 degress from the the center bride pylon base. I hope you guys dont mind me givin that spot away :p
  7. Hey Dustin.

    You know that soon, the bass will make it through to the lower portion and will take over the whole river right? At Plese Flats once, I saw a big, about 8 lbs, Largemouth Bass swimming out from under a willow, and behind it about a 5 Lb Largemouth, and had a lot of smallmouth rising to flys. The bass might have already taken over the river!! :eek:
  8. First of all, trout catcher, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the river! It is a fun place to fish and I'm glad your fired up about it.
    Pan, point taken! Certainly catch and release angling isn't going to "hammer" any more trout than the smallies, pollution and poachers are now killing. I guess my over reaction comes from a general aversion I have to annnouncing fishing locations of any fishery on the WWW. Certainly PM's between anglers is a different matter... that's not a "all call", and I actually agree with you. The more law abiding folks on the water, C & Ring, picking up a little litter, writing a letter now and again on behalf of the kan and calling in the poachers... well its good for the place.
    I guess my thing about the Spokane is that I've spent so many hours fishing aroung the trash, the hobo camps, the syringes, the condoms, the man-shite only to have some really fine angling/wildlife moments. As a result, I've gained a kind of grudging respect and affection for this dirty old river. It's given a lot to me over the years.
    And reading Troutcatchers posts (and others) it sounds as if I'm not the only one.

    What I hope everyone remembers, is that those fish are the last remnants of the native steel that used to come and go from the Pacific... We should be a bit reverant w/every redband we catch... OK, hows that for sappy:eek:
    As for the smallies, I am predicting catastrophe for the upper and the lower if we don't start managing those critters... WDFW says there are now only about 600 trout between Spokane and the Stateline... in the 1980s there were hundreds of trout per river mile...
    Some folks feel that as goes the upper river so will go the lower river. No one is sure yet.
  9. Jerry,
    Talking to Shawn at the Silver Bow after this year's survey on the upper river the number is well less than 600. He mentioned they shocked something like 37 trout between Harvard Rd and State Line.
  10. Somebody ought to be trying to save the redbands! Oh ya, that's US :ray1:!!!! :beer1:
  11. I'm afraid its bleak. And really sad when you talk to guys who fished it not very long ago and the upper river was a jewel. No crowds, big fish in good numbers. I just met a life-long Valley resident the other day who said he finally quit fishing the upper last year for good. This is after years of catching and releasing burley-ass redbands... the last five years they've just tanked.
    The lower is holding its own but I talked to a biologist who is worried that the lower river depends on the upper river for recruitment of small fish because the lower river doesn't have the spawning gravels... the normal movement of gravel is cut off by the dams. If his hunch is correct, the fate of the lower is tied to the spawning success of the fish in the upper river. The collapse of the lower river could be right behind that of the upper river.
    I think the smallies are absolutely nuking the RB trout. We need some solid research on that but the end of the RB's up river sure seems to coincide with the arrival of the bronze bass in big numbers. Also there have been issues with AVISTA dewatering the redds in June... we'll see if they've fixed that. Whatever is happening, its a shame...
  12. :ray1:
  13. Jerry, what could we do as a group to combat this? Is there a "Friends of the Spokane River" group, or anything in place that's sole intention is fish protection.
  14. I think we could form something along the lines of this :D

  15. What can use fly fishers do? other than call in poachers that is :D
  16. I used to fish the Spokane when I was a kid. There are some BIG trout in there.
  17. One day on the spokane a few years back I caught a giant squaw fish two times, fifteen minutes between takes, on a rainbow trout streamer; weird. He was in the exact same run and spot. I like the spokane, its big, you never know who you'll run into(which can be a minus), and its always an adventure. Its one slippery river though!

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