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  1. So let me get this straight...

    Avista wants to make the falls go all year long? not like a trickle like it is during the summer, but not raging like it is now? 300 CFS isn't that bad... either is 100. The river is doing way more than that now...
  2. Now that this is settled, how will the fishing be???
  3. Hard to say how te fishing will be...
    Dustin is right... cool that the SC has asserted the idea that there are other values to the river than turning turbines, but in actual fact, it won't do much for fish habitat or redband poulations. You could say that this little victory pencils out on the side of the fish huggers in that its a victory for larger quality of life values that are derived from the river...
    Also, Dustin good point n the redbands being lower river critters. Thats a mystery. Benke (sp?) says that redbands were restricted tothe lower river by the s Falls but other bio typses I have talked about say there is anecdotal evidence that redband Steel made it over the falls in high water years. What we need is more genetic studies... we certainly know they are a self sustaining "wild" population of trout of a genetic type known to frequesnt the Columbia Basin... Worth protecting.
  4. I was just checking out Spokane Falls TU chapter website because I'm looking to get involved in the restoration effort. There isn't much under the "Restore the Redbands" section. Does TU or any other agencies have ideas on what types of studies would be helpful? You mentioned genetic above, is that it? I would like to help and depending on the needs may be able to. I have access to some sampling equipment and water quality probes. There's a chance my company may let me borrow some of it for a good cause.

    Also, I know the Spokane Tribe and some other groups have done quite a bit of research and data collection but it seems to me like everyone is approaching this individually instead of collectively. Perhaps TU could facilitate some sort of collaboration between groups.

    I'd like to do a little more than pick up trash and release fish. Please let me know what I can do to help step up the effort.
  5. donate money would be my guess.
  6. I don't have money but I have plenty of time and a few other resources.
  7. It was mentioned earlier in this thread that an important component to saving the Spokane River is saving water. Well, there is a drinking fountain on the Centennial Trail where Upriver Drive meets Fredrick Street - adjacent to the Upriver Dam. The fountain has been stuck on for over two weeks now. I have gotten out and tried to fix it but don't have the right tools to get to the guts of it. I have also written to Riverside State Park, Friends of the Centennial Trail, the city water department, Spokane Parks and Rec, Spokane Valley Parks and Rec, and the mayor. Still nothing has gotten done.

    Can you guys raise your voice about this? It's wasting probably about a gallon a minute - over a two week period that's a lot of water. Or, if you have an equipped tool box and are feeling up to it PM me and we can go out there and shut it down.
  8. Tremellon,
    Good on you! I will post or PM you something worth saying on your interest and ideas this weekend... too busy right now...
  9. I was up on the trail and the fountain wasn't stuck on the Thursday or Friday. Maybe it got fixed. I roller blade that trail a lot to stay in shape.
  10. This is a direct quote from an email I received from Bill Rickard, Water Quality Coordinator for the City of Spokane:

    "The drinking fountain you’re referring to is maintained by the City of Spokane Water Dept. As it turns out, this drinking fountain is left on intentionally in response to numerous complaints about the stale, warm taste of the water. This is a result of the fact that this drinking fountain is located at the end of a single line approximately 150 yards long and the water would not otherwise have enough use to bring fresh water into the line on a regular basis. We will explore alternatives, but this is the most effective remedy for the time being."

    How is that for a load of BS? I was pretty pissed when I read that. If you guys want his email address to express your views PM me and I'll gladly hand it over. I'll be responding to him and others he CCed shortly.
  11. your getting all worked up about pointless stuff. its close enough to the river that most of that water probably makes it back into the river eventually, or it hydrates nearby plant life. i happen to use that drinking fountain ALOT and if u get it turned off cause of your complaints about using to much water im gonna be writing emails to YOU.
  12. email me all you want, it's still wasteful and a good indicator of the city's water use policy. Try carrying a water bottle.
  13. LOL i use it to refill my waterbottle :) Public water is few and far between.
  14. How is it wasting water? Like Dustin said, it gets back to the river or surrounding plants use it up. If you measured all the water that is supposedly "wasted" by everyone on the planet, we would be taking a bus over to Hawaii instead of having to fly. Point is that is about the last thing to worry about dude.
  15. I think there might be some miscommunication here. I have no problem with public water, I think it's a great that we live in an area that can provide water to anyone any time. I do have a problem with wasting that water.

    In the case of this drinking fountain, there is no reason why it should be left constantly running. If the water is warm and stale, let it run for 30 seconds before you take your drink. That water is on its way down gradient to someone else's well or a wetland or directly to the river, remaining cool and clean before reaching its destination.

    By constantly pumping the water down the waterline and out the fountain we are wasting gobs of energy on transporting water that is not even being used. The more energy we use as a community the more we depend on and pay Avista.

    I was shocked to see that there was opposition to water conservation on a fly fishing forum. Out of all people I thought this would be a group that would be all for conserving water and energy where we can. Every little difference makes an impact.
  16. i didnt want you to take it personally, so im sorry if i came across like that. the topic of the spokane river gets me in an emotional frenzy every time i ponder it, which is daily. the river is a part of my everyday life and i just wish others could cherish it and learn from it the ways i have. its an under appreciated part of our city, and i just feel like it gets no respect, so i get a little angry. the whole avista "settlement" is just another slap in the face and to be honest i dont have alot of hope for the rivers future, at least not in the current directiont hings are going. the water fountains dont mean much in the big picture, and while it is a step forward to save any water we have been flooring it in reverse for the last 100+ years. while its important to do what we can to help the river, i think the most important thing we can do is have some moments of reflection while sitting along the bank, watching the water flow on its endless journey. watching the herons fish, and just enjoying what we are left with to the best of our abilty. never again will we see a salmon run on the river, and its not gonna be safe to eat the fish. time might cure these problems but not before generations pass. the spokane river is a sad story that has been repeated over and over across the world. the root of the problems is our species and societies.

  17. true dat.

    By the way, I went by Swede's Fly shop today and right on the window next to the door there is a poster that says, "please help save our native red bands," then lists a bunch of ways we could do it. It is really informative. Anyway, the person working there said that the river should be clear and lower by the time it opens on June 1st. Hope to see you all down there! :cool:
  18. Word, I feel you. There have been many times when I get frustrated at a bogus policy or regulation dealing with the Spokane River. It's easy to get apathetic when it comes to the river, but it has so much potential! That's why you have to focus on all the good it has to offer and take every victory you can, no matter how small; even if it is just a few drops. After a while those drops will add up.
  19. i respectfully disagree that the river has alot of potential. maybe you just dont want to face the facts.
  20. one thing is for sure, the herons always outfish me, so do the ospreys...
    Never fails that one of those #$^!@# fly right over my head with a 20 incher...:beathead:

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