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  1. There are landlocked kokanee and chinook in the river. The fry and eggs get washed down through the dams with the flow of the river, since they run from the main lake into the river before post falls dam. :thumb:
  2. So connor, you caught fish on a caddis? how far out were you casting? How often did they hit?
  3. Hmmm, bass in the lower today on a BHbugger. I didn't kill it, but the thought crossed my mind. What would you do? Also informed a bait fisher who was on the way out of the rules and regulations and he took the advice well. He was CnRing (and caught none) but i explained to him tactics for gettin them on lures, explained the native trout issue, and the current regulations.
  4. kill it

  5. First... OMG! SM bass in the lower river is the nightmare I have been biting my nails over for a while...:rofl: I don't know what the legal issues are but it is VERY IMPORTANT not to let those smallies get a toe-hold in the lower river. They have just about destroyed the upper river and the lower remains the last holdout of the redbands in the Spoke.

    It was probably just washed down in high water, but we need to keep that lower river Smallmouth free if we want to retain the redband fishery.

    I will talk to WDFW and find out if we can kill those critters legally.

    Also, thanks Dustin for educating a bait angler on the river :thumb: that is all it takes in many cases... lots of people just don't look at the regs.
  6. No luck with the emergers, no luck period. Kinda disheartening since there were so many fishing rising. I haven't had time to get back down there, I may go down this saturday or sunday evening - I think the water may have dropped.

    A few years ago I caught a smallie below bowl and pitcher, took me completely off guard. So I don't think your case was in isolated incident, Dustin.

    And Troutcatcher, if the redbands are native to the spokane then historically they were probably native to the little spokane and latah as well - I don't know if they're still there though.

    Tight lines people!
  7. Yea the water has dropped ALOT in the last few days.

    June 6th, 14000 CFS

    And now its at 7800, which is getting down to where I like to fish.
  8. Well then, I'll be down there a couple evenings a week - keep ya posted if anything happens.
  9. Good night out tonight, landed my biggest fish yet from the spokane. What a treat! Sorry no pictures so I wont bother to tell ya al how big it was.
  10. im going to try just downstream from upriver dam sometime nextweek, and I wondered what flies are working? emergers?
  11. 6500 CFS!
  12. I thought you were the guy to ask???? :rofl:
  13. No jergens you are the guy to ask! Whhhaaaaduuupp with dem caddis flies?
  14. hahaha, i have no clue. i walked across the bridge by anthony's on my way to the steelhead the other night and saw a bunch of grannoms. that's about all i know.
  15. That bastard is a Spokane short timer......he's headed to Big Sky country in a week and there you go
  16. I read a report that says caddis is working. Maybe i'll try that... :thumb:
  17. 6,030 CFS!!! :D:D:D
  19. You can swim with bass in post falls... (inside joke).........

    I saw Largemouth, (seriously), and tons of smallies at plese flats last year. I walked down a small trail, and te river was really still, almost like long lake in that spot, under an overhanging willow, a huge largemouth swam out, around 8 lbs.... and then following it, about a 6 lber following it... then I looked out into the river, and several smallies jumped out of the water. HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......

  20. The upper section is fishing as well as it will all summer right now but as flows drop it will get tough as it power warms up. Trout Unlimited about a year ago had a meeting where a biologist spoke and if I remember right they have seen an 80% reduction in the number of wild fish in the upper section. Quick dropping flows at spawning time were the primary blame with the developing smallmouth numbers the other. Before the smallmouth we used to see huge schools of redside shiners in the upper river but we have not seen a single shiner for several years. I have guided this river for over 20 years and have never seen our catch rate this low on the upper section. The fish you do catch are quality fish that are usually over 16" and a friend got a 20" super fat cutty the other day but it was the only trout landed by three guys in a five hour prime time float. Not a lot of other company on the water which still makes for a quality experience. I'd be happy to answer questions privately but please do not ask specific locations.
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