Sportsman in the White House

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by ribka, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. The VP spends very little time in the White House.

    Get along nicely and stop trying to start crap with other members just for fun. Got an issue with someone, start a conversation with them. We don't need to read the crying and name calling. If you really can't stand someone, use the ignore feature and be done with them!
  2. Not an idiot at all. You just didn't know. It's sad that the political process has become such a gong show that a reasonable person could mistake an Onion article for the truth...
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  3. That is an excellent point. And anyone who thinks that in our current "political" climate, the whole "red vs blue" debate is even relevant, needs to turn off their tv "news" (mostly Fox "news") and learn what's actually going on these days.
  4. Thanks. Finding trustworthy information is a challenge but at least I can add the onion and wff to the list of unreliable sources. :)
  5. The Onion is meant as comedy. But, more often than not, its comedy is a "it's funny because it's true" kind of satire.
  6. I'm in................................just another political conversation where little if anything intellingent is said and nothing is learned. Except that The Onion isn't real news..................but CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX are?

    Perhaps The Onion is closer to the truth than we think.
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  7. I guess I should know better than to reply to anything political (or religious) on an internet forum. Nothing ever good comes from these kinds of conversations (except for the fact that bkerbs now knows The Onion is not to be taken seriously ;)) My main concern is the racist undertones made by forum member Gary Thompson. There is no place for that on this forum or any other and until he can justify just what he meant by those quotation marks then I guess I'll label him a racist. So Gary, you've been noticeably absent from this thread since your first post and now is your chance to come clean........ (Hopefully you just fat fingered the quotes, twice).
  8. A fairly serious accusation based on a couple of quote marks. Do you work for one of the campaign PR orgs?
  9. You're right, it is serious! And I have no affiliation with anything or anyone political.
  10. I got my Montana hunting and fishing lic, two deer tags, A & B (buck and doe) and on I'm going to go to MT on the 1st of October and I'm not coming back until the end of November.
    I'm going to do my voting from a tree stand, just because I can.
    I don't like the choice I'm given but I didn't vote for Obama the first time and I'm not going to vote for him the second time.
    I'm gonna vote for more sporting blood in the "White house" cause it's important.
    "Cause it's important" quoting myself.
  11. Gary nice explanation, well done! But you failed to address the quotes I was.......oh wait......hold up....yeah you addressed them pretty well and I can see now (as can other forum members) what a douche you are!
  12. From where I sit I see only one douche and his name isn't Gary.....

    By the way I didn't vote for any of the candidates that ran for the "White House" last election and it is doubtful I will vote for any of the current crop running for the "White House" this election. Are you going to call me a racist also?
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  13. I'll just be glad when the fucking elections are over for this year. I won't have to come home and find multiple messages on my answering machine about how great joe Blow candidate is. My recycle bin won't be overflowing either with their mail pieces that I don't read.
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  14. If you think something is inappropriate, use the report button and one of the moderators will address the issue. This thread should suffer the same fate as others with politics at its heart...the heart gets ripped out. Get you politics fix elsewhere.
  15. Duly reported...t law is getting personal and needs to be shut down
  16. I think I'm gonna see if I can get my pontoon out on the lower Yak this weekend and chase some smallies.

    I like fishing.
  17. Some people just can't keep the personal insults to themselves.
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