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  1. So, when do the bass start smashing poppers around here? Around this time two years ago and before I could start getting them down in Florida, but the water was in the fifties. When does prime time start up here?
  2. not for a nother couple months. water temp is still too cold.
    wait til late March to April for when spawning season starts. Not a popper game but toss some big buggers at their spawn beds and watch the bass smash the shit out of the fly.

    then post spawn/summer/fall season you'll have more luck with poppers. Tie a frog-like popper pattern and i've had some bass explode out of the water before. I for one am looking forward to it :)
  3. April on the east side and May for the west. Fish floating mats for deadly stuff !!
  4. WELL...it seems to have started here already...but then I AM 2000 miles southeast of you :)
    got a 6lb bass this weekend...but truth be told..I was using a purple worm at the time :eek:)
  5. That's what I'm talking about !!
  6. Water temps have to be very warm for topwater action up here (usually well into May). Subsurface starts about now
  7. Thanks for the info fellas. What are some good subsurface options? I assume the ol' wolly buggers, leeches and such are standard fare
  8. standard fare. If you want to get creative, tie up some patterns that look lik bluegill or perch. Crawfish is anotehr good one. Bass eat bass. some baby bass looking flies (similar to clousers but shorter and fatter?)
  9. Patterns?

    Crayfish, leech/worms, wiggle minnows, and the deadly lite-brite bugger
  10. great flies brad. Are you fishing those worms on a floating line? or a sinking?
  11. :thumb: Nice flys, do you have tying instructions to tie the worm patterns.. again very nice flys
  12. I use a sinking line so that I have a straight line to the fly as I hop it along the bottom. There has been a discussion about feeling the bass suck in the fly and setting the hook on this forum before. Gear guys generally say fly fishermen miss too many takes. They may be right, but this method works well for me. A floater puts some slack in the line as it causes an angle to the fly. Having said that a floater can catch bass subsurface esp if you are fast stripping weighted streamers. I find that the big bass around here prefer a slow retrieve with a worm leech or crayfish.

    I posted tying instructions for the Inner tube worm, and crayfish with the pics in my gallery

    Go rip some lips!

    -Bubba Brad
  13. Hey, thanks brad. Ill give that a shot.
  14. May I also suggest the Baby Bugger, Brown Bomber wooly bugger and Limw wooly. I sell them at woolybuggerflyco.com all flies are $0.75 or less. When you check out use code:eek:zark to get 10% off.
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