Spring Chironomid-Midge Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by steeli, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. It's the time of year and I'm ready to start seriously rigging up for midging. Last year's swap was great and I'm excited to host another. Looking for two patterns each with 8 other tiers. I've bought the the recent book "Modern Midges" an excellent resource and am having fun testing different ideas and variations. Pupa, Larva, Emerger, it doesn't matter. As with other swaps, always fun seeing real proven patterns that fish well.
    8 tiers, 2 patterns each and Due by March 13th (a coincidental swapmeister Birthday).
    I'll tie some type of red-butt variation and another. All flies will be photo'd, so include your toe tag descriptions. Packages will hit the mail back to you soon..waiting on one package postmarked on 13th Shall hit mail 16th, not later than 17th..final; please include the return postage. (If all are receivedl before the deadline, they'll of course be mailed earlier...)

    Check back here for updates:
    Midge Tiers
    Self: Steeli, Red-butt brown, Green&Copper Flies tied and ready to mail:thumb:
    1. Ron McNeal Flies Received:thumb:
    2. UpsfisherSub'd Caddis Flies Received:thumb:
    3. Camo Clad Warrior Flies Received:thumb:
    4. Eric T Flies Received:thumb:
    5. Kirk S Flies Received:thumb:
    6. Kelvin Flies Received:thumb:
    7. Irafly
    8. PfournierFlies Received:thumb:
  2. I'm in, need some time to think of the patterns if possible.
  3. Ill join as well.....So tell me if I got this right. 8 tiers, two paterns each. Sp we need to tie 16 flies total....correct?

    I am not sure what my patterns are yet...
  4. Yep, 8 tiers, 2 patterns, 16 flies total.
  5. i am in!
  6. Ok. all tied and need an address....
  7. i'm in. boodworm and my favorite snocone variation. dirty.
  8. I am in, dont know the patterns yet but will keep you posted.
  9. 8 tiers 2 patterns equals 14 flies. This assumes that you don't need to send flies back to the original owner that are tied by the original owner. If that's too hard to keep track of then I'll send my 16 and you can send two of my own flies back to me.

    I'm in. Most likely my favorite black and red and my chromie, but I might get up the gumption to tie my variation of Deiferts liquid lace pattern.

  10. I PM'D out the mailing instructions today.
  11. This swap is still open for one more! Check status at opening thread.
    I've got my patterns for the swap completed.
    Responding to your question, there'd actually be nine tiers including myself. Didn't think the need to mail back your own patterns since you know what they are; thus the eight flies/2 each.
    I've got a new camera that takes nice up close photos; so will post all the different patterns for the swap once received.
    How's the patterns coming along?
  12. Steeli, put me down for spot 8!

  13. let me know if anyone drops out
  14. kelvin you can have my spo my mant. im working a ton of overtime, moving into a new place, and still tying steelhead flies. I"M OUT!!
  15. Hey Kelvin, I'm adding you to the list. Sorry Sean you couldn't be in, but that's life sometimes.
    You should have got the mailing information from me...
    How's everyone else doing with bug tying?
  16. you should have mine today! I sent them the other day. This should be a good swap!
  17. Got them Kirk and they look great!
    Also have Camo's..awesome!
    ..so far 3 of 9 are in..
    Everyone remember toe tags so when they fly back to you, we know who's are who.
  18. About half done. Can't wait to see what everyone else tied. BTW, we all know there are flies that also catch fish and fishermen alike. I won't tell you which category mine fit in. :)
  19. Pfournier..hope they're both categories..
    Just got Ron's flies in the mail.
    Good looking bloodworm and magic crystal midge. Already know a place I want to try his midge pattern at...
  20. As of Saturdy, we've so far got 4 of 9 ready to send back out.
    Haven't heard much chatter from some of you regarding how yours are coming along.
    How's it going?
    Deadline's only a week away...

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