Spring mid sound Coho

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ChrisW, Mar 8, 2005.

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    You guys really need to get off his back.... he did nothing ethically wrong... the only thing he could have done was state that he was targeting cutthroat..and make it clear he wasnt targeting salmon (even though fishing techniques are identical). He didnt make it clear what he was targeting so you cannot just assume he was targeting salmon... because he caught salmon. Im almost positive the guy saw that the waters were open and went fishing just to see what he could catch. If you show up on the salt, you have a chance of catching a wide variety of fish which may or may not be legal to keep, if he had said that he caught a yelloweye rockfish (also not legal to keep and highly unlikely to be caught there) and released it, you people would not have jumped on his back...you would be commenting on how weird it was that he caught it. Regardless if he caught and released these fish...he was not targeting them..and did not keep them.. if the regulations were meant to completely close the waters to fishing than they would state just that..and people would not be permitted to dip any line in the water.

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