Spring Orvis Days

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  1. Guys,

    Spring Orvis Days begin Saturday, April 28. We're going to have free seminars,
    free food, free casting lessons, and a great vest sale!

    All Fishing Vests – 30% off
    Trade in your old, ragged, smelly, crummy, beat-up, vest and get 50% off
    (sale limited to items on hand)

    Following is the complete schedule of events:

    Saturday, April 28

    12pm - 1pm, "Smallies in the Yakima" by David Paul Williams
    When the smallmouth bass are on, the action can get hot and heavy.
    Dave Williams, the acknowledged Northwest master of smallies on the flyrod,
    will be here to take you through the tackle and flies you'll need and as well as where
    to access the river below Rosa Dam. He'll also tie up a couple of his favorite patterns.

    1:30p - 2:30pm, "Fly Fishing for Shad in the Columbia" with David Paul Williams
    Mark your calendar for Father’s Day as millions of American Shad pour into the
    Columbia River, stacking up below Bonneville Dam. With the right fly fishing
    equipment, they can provide some outrageous action. David will tell you all
    you need to know in order to get in on the action.

    3pm - 5pm, "Fly Fishing Legends and Pioneers of the Northwest" by Jack Berryman
    Dan Bailey, Ted Trueblood, Zane Grey, Polly Roseborough, Roderick Haig-Brown
    and others are men that helped shape Northwest fly fishing as we know it.
    Jack Berryman, professor and historian at the University of Washington knows
    them all through his research and writings. Join Jack for a delightful afternoon
    of stories and tall tales.

    Once again, we are pleased to present complimentary Salmon Burgers by Chefs Rob Kettner
    and Todd Ormsby from The Slip Restaurant in Kirkland.

    Sunday, April 29
    12pm - 4pm, Casting Analysis with Don Simonson
    Are you getting the most out of your casts? Do you want to improve your accuracy?
    Is your double haul getting you the distance you want? How are your curve,
    reach and tuck casts? FFF Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor and a Member of
    FFF Casting Board of Governors, Don Simonson will be here to help you become
    a better caster. Don will watch you cast, analyze your mechanics, show you
    your mistakes (let's face it, we all got 'em) and what you can do to fix them.

    Saturday, May 5
    12pm - 1pm, "Knots from Albright to Uni" with Carl Zarelli
    Carl Zarelli of the FFF will be here to take you step by step through the fly fisher's
    most important knots. Learn some new ones, correct some mistakes and get
    some shortcuts from a master knot-tier.

    1:30pm - 3:30pm, "A Family Affair - Getting Your Kids into Fly Fishing"
    A special program by members of the Washington State Council Federation of Fly Fishers
    and our Orvis fly fishing associates that will give you the information you need to
    get your whole family into the wonderful and rewarding sport of fly fishing.
    There will also be a special presentation by the Orvis staff on "Lone Mountain Ranch",
    one of Orvis' premier endorsed Montana lodges. We will show you how a week with
    your family at this historic guest ranch, nestled in a small little valley near Yellowstone,
    can bring your family together. It's a beautiful, idyllic setting where you and your
    children will join in naturalist activities, horseback rides, adventure programs, and fly fishing.

    Once again, we are pleased to present complimentary Salmon Burgers by
    Chefs Rob Kettner and Todd Ormsby from The Slip Restaurant in Kirkland.

    Sunday, May 6
    12pm - 4pm, Casting Instruction with Craig Koeppler
    FFF Certified Casting Instructor, Craig Koeppler will be here to introduce you to fly casting.
    He'll show you a range of basic casting skills, concentrating on loop formation and
    how the casting stroke affects delivery of line, leader and fly to our intended targets.

    2007 Spring Orvis Days
    911 Bellevue Way Ne
    (425) 452-9138
  2. Thought I would punch this back up just in case some of you forego the opening day bacchanal and want to trade in a vest or wader for some new ones.
  3. Another nice thing about this is Orivs has shipped along a $25 gift cerficate for me/us to use. PM if you want a copy.
  4. Phil and I went on Saturday. The information was good, the salmon burgers were great!

  5. The fun continues next Saturday with a knot tying seminar by Carl Zarelli of the FFF followed by a "how to get your whole family into flyfishing" seminar. And, of course, more salmon burgers! We'll also have the vest and wader trade in sales all week long.


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