Spring Orvis Days

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  1. Here's my schedule of events for the two weekends of Spring Orvis Days. Keep your eyes peeled for the $25 coupons.


    Saturday, May 1

    11:00AM - Rediscovering the Yakima River: Derek Young, of Emerging Rivers Guide Services, will take you through a visual tour down the river where you'll learn where big trout like to rest, hide and feed.

    2:00PM - Summer Fly Fishing Camp for Kids: Tim and Joanne Linehan, owners of Linehan Outfitting Company, will be here to talk to you parents about a summer camp that's a safe, fun and educational experience for kids 12 - 16. Your kids will learn to fly fish, tie flies, float a river,and get into conservation. And get this! While they're away at camp, you can hire a Linehan guide and go fishing yourselves!

    4:00PM - Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Grande Ronde: Learn line presentation techniques in the shop at 4:00PM and a mechanics presentation on the water (weather permitting) at 6:00PM from Orvis Endorsed Guide, Mac Huff of Joseph, OR.

    Saturday, May 8

    11:00AM - Fly Fishing Antique Show and Appraisals: Larry Petersen and Dwight Lyons will spend the day appraising your garage sale discoveries and family heirlooms.

    2:00PM - Fly Fishing South Puget Sound from a Boat: WFF.COM Board member, Roger Stephens will show you how he has outfitted his boat, how he ties his flies and how he fishes the coves and inlets down south.

    Sunday, May 9

    12:00PM - 5:00PM - Free casting lessons
  2. Below is a summary of the sections which I will cover at the Spring Orvis Day presentation where I will talk about my approach/thoughts to fly fish for sea-run cutthroat on Puget Sound. It will be 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on how long my soft spoken voice holds up! There will be 1 to 3 page handouts for each section.

    1. Life cycle of sand lance and implications for Puget Sound fly fishers(15 min.).
    2. Tie Sand Lance Skater pattern. It is an extremely effectiive topwater sand lance pattern which was devised last summer(15min.).
    3. When, where, and how to use topwater sand lance pattern for sea-run cutthroat(15 min.).
    4. Finding prime locations for sea-run cutthroat(15 min.).
    5. Strategies for sea-run cutthroat fisheries(15 min.).
    6. Boat setup for fly fishing on Puget Sound(15 min.) This section will be at the end so that those individuals not interested can leave.

  3. Marked my calender.. Thanks Leland and Roger.
  4. I have always wondered how I might scheme to get a seat on Captain Stephens boat. For, while I know some things about fishing, I know next to nothing about fishing from a boat. Leland delivers another top notch presenter. That's why I shop at orvis, even if I find it for less on the net.
  5. Leland is away on a fishing trip to Ambergris this week so he wanted me to bump this thread.

    There will be 12 flies of a new top water sand lance pattern that will be given away, Plus, I just finished 23 pages of write-up and photographs that will be handouts. Hope to see some of your fellow WFF's there.


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