spring salmon off the beach

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  1. i fish off the beach on the point of a spit where there are holding springs and coho.
    there is always a very strong current at the point.

    i catch the coho regularly on top of the water with a #10 clouser at the point but never any action off the springs.
    the dudes throwing buzz bombs are bringing the springs in regularly.
    any suggestions regarding:

  2. OK, got ya covered here...

    Step one: exchange phone numbers with me.

    Step two: Call me when headed out to chase said springers from the beach.

    Step 3: You and I drink much beer while trying every tactic imaginable until we figure out how to hook hot, fresh springers till our arms wear out.

    Ok, sorry I cant be much help. Just the thought of springers on the beach gets my blood pumping!
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  3. you gotta get me drunk first for that info ;)
    i'm in Victoria, Canada so it's probably a trek for you to get here.

    some hard core dudes up here tie themselves to the kelp in tubes and fish for the springs. dont know what they are using though.
  4. Hah That is awesome! I would love to witness that. I'd never really heard of springers off the beach before. That would be pretty sweet. What sort of outfit do you use to target them? I imagine a 10 wt or something close?

    And Victoria is just a ferry boat away ;)
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  5. Carpool.
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  6. the tubers in the kelp are in a different area. apparently it get really dangerous when the orcas come close for the schools.
    i target cohos mostly, although i am also starting to fish src more often.
    haven't targeted these springs before so the 6wt loomis outfit i always use for the cohos will have to be re-evaluated.
    Nick, did i see on another thread that you are fishing for staging fish on van island right now?
  7. Nope I'm afraid not. I did mention hooking a staging silver the other day but it was in Washington waters.

    Orcas and float tubes...yikes!


  8. yeah, the sea lion that decided to pop up 12ft away from me the other day was bad enough - thought i was too young for those senior diapers.
    can't imagine an orca - a bit too hard core for me.
  9. i think there was an article in pacific northwest fly fishing a few months ago about fly fishing for salmon in B.C. ?
    it was mostly for fall salmon, but still good info all the same.
  10. cheers

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