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  1. I will be there on Friday too
  2. Kelvin,

    Where will you be on Friday, and when?
  3. I think we are goign to ellensburg where it is a little warmer

    PM me address and I will put flies in the mail tomorrow
  4. my flys can back so I need to send them again

    DId anyone make it up fishing other than me
    I snnowed like hell but we still managed to get a few trout on Nymphs
    and a couple of raises to drys
  5. At this point I have only received flies from Mike Wilson. I am still waiting for Kelvin's and Wabowman's. Please let me know when you plan on sending them so that I can distribute them accordingly. Please check your inbox for my address, as I sent it out about 2 weeks ago. If you accidentally deleted it, PM me and I will send it again.

    Thanks, Dan.

    I will post my Yak report of Friday soon!
  6. I was under the impretion that we were going to meet at reds on sat morning.I will send them out on tue.Saterday fishing sucked!!!!!!!water turnd to mud after the storm friday night.
  7. View attachment 40190 View attachment 40187 View attachment 40188 View attachment 40189 View attachment 40186 there was diffinetley a disconnect somewhere in communication

    I fished Friday caught a couple little scrappers
    even had some rises to dries late in the afternoon
    Weather could not have been much worst but got a little better in the afternoon

    got off the water just in time to have dinner before ending up right behind the 13 car pile up on the passs sat there 40 minutes and it snowed six inches in that short period of time

    anyway putting my flies in the mail today
  8. Thanks for the updates and communication guys. I will look for both of your ties later on this week and will hopefully have everything in the mail by Friday.

  9. Kelvin, I got your ties in the mail today.

    Wabowman, I'll expect yours tomorrow?

  10. guess we are running late like the skwalas
  11. Mike,

    I appreciate your concern. I still have not received the flies from Wabowman.

    I will send him/her a pm this evening as a last chance. If I do not hear back by tomorrow then I will send you and Kelvin your due flies on Wednesday. How does that sound? Feel free to send him a pm as well.

  12. great
  13. I received a PM from Wabowman. He/she says that the flies will be in the mail and will arrive tomorrow....

    Sorry for the delay.

  14. I am cool... just wanted to see if anyone was alive. Sometimes people need to be reminded. :thumb:
  15. Alright dudes, all the flies are in. I'll do my best to get up early in the am and pack em up for you. If I get a lunch break tomorrow then I'll ship them then, if not you might have to wait one more day before they are in the mail. Thanks for joining and I hope you all have the opportunity to use these this year.

  16. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Thanks for hosting the swap... you showed patience.
  17. Flies are in the mail. Enjoy the floods.


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