Spring Streamer Swap CLOSED!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by southpaw22, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Have mine showed up yet? That border sometimes holds things up.
  2. Aye joser, u betchya got your bugs last week. For future swaps, the toe tag is a little piece of paper on the hook that lets everyone know who made the Bug. peace,
  3. I mailed mine from Pullman on Mon. Should be there soon. THanks.

  4. sounds good nar, looking forward to seeing them.
  5. Mine are going in the mail this afternoon.
  6. hey narwhal got 'em today and was curious if that is the address you want me ship them to? pm me with a yes or no, if no let me have the correct address.
  7. Okay, the bugs went out today! but the only catch is one streamer short. one guy had an emergency and had to go see Dr. green river. so i don't know if i did the right thing but, i still took a bug from each guy and hopefully i will be able to send out one more to each guy, this will work if it doesn't become a hassle for me and everyon else. great job on the bugs, thanks for the help REE in my first swap. thanks for the extra's guys they will be put to use. i still need a confirmation of address from justin. spey boy i am not sure of your address as well, i know you gave me a envelope but i got a beefier one(for them boarders). thanks again and great job.
  8. Southpaw, check you PMs.

    Hey, thanks for hosting the swap!
  9. Thanks for hosting it and no worries over here about the one fly...

  10. I agree, thanks for hosting. Great job.

    Don't sweat the one fly.

  11. Good job, and sorry for the toe-tag grief :)
  12. Got my flies today, good job tyers. :thumb:
  13. Got my flies today too. Very nice work guys! I'm gonna be busy making copies.

  14. Yiippee!!!! Just got mine...Love'em


  15. Got mine today. They all look great. I will give them a workout at Dry Falls. :thumb:
  16. My flies arrived today--absolutely splendid! I can't wait to try them out.

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