Springer Spanial training recomondations

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by sanderson, Nov 7, 2010.

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    View attachment 35767 View attachment 35766 View attachment 35766 View attachment 35767 Have a great 6 month old Springer. We've worked very hard with her on obedience around the house and she's doing very well. I've also been working with her in the field for hunting. She's been out on 2 day trips since Pheasant season opened and WOW! she's done great in my opinion for her age. So far she has kicked out 3 Hens and 2 Rosters (only 1 hit the ground). The problem I'm having is that when she is on a smell and the bird is running so is the dog and also is the hunter. I'm going to continue to keep working hard with her but if i'm not able to steady her I'm thinking of seeking out training for her in the spring. Any recommendations for a trainer that work with Springer's?
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    When the bird runs the springer is to break from their search pattern and track it down. Its up to you, and your obiedience training to stop and sit them if they get too far away, or take them off the track.

    I used to train/run springers for field trials/hunt test a while ago when I lived in Utah. The big names in the game out here were Janet Christiansen and Jeff Miller...both were also/used to vets. There was a husband/wife team in Oregon though that was pretty good and he ran dogs full time and I think she was a vet. Rob and Shelly Barlow is their name I think.

    I've been out of the game a while but for the best resources of information, is to find out where your local ESS club is and get involved. Second thing would be to check out a magazine called "Spaniels in the Field"

    I'd also caution you on introducing your dog to pheasants at this time. Cock pheasants can be pretty nasty and if he traps one and gets clawed, it could be a big set back.

    Nice pup...what's the lines?
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    Steady at 6 months of age? You're getting ahead of yourself. At 6 months, concentrate on getting her in to birds, putting together the hunt, flush and retrieve and just having fun. Get her in to as many birds as you possibly can and worry about obedience later.

    After the season is over, start working on steadying her to wing and shot. Get a couple of books- this is a really good DVD which features how to train steadiness. http://www.amazon.com/Training-Span...ef=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1289234458&sr=1-1.
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    Thanks for the advice. I've been so pleasantly surprised at how well she has done so far on her quartering and retrieve I just need to understand that she is only a pup and continue to keep working and enjoy the times out.


    Isabelle is a bench breed. Don't know anything of her blood lines. Picked her up as a family pet, and then a companion for me in the field. Both are working out great.