Springers on a fly??

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by sandspanker, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I totally agree with this. There is no place they can't go, and many times they go everywhere! I only fish for them in the salt, and it's one of my favorite fisheries!
  2. even a few days up river they rule!!!! twitch...twitch..KA-BOOM! I can't wait for june
  3. I like Kwickfish, spinners, and comets.

    Mainly Kwickfish because I mean really....
  4. I love steelhead. In fact after catching one on a fly I have pretty much fished for nothing else. This last Sept. on the Deschutes the river was up and cloudy and I had caught a jack during the morning swing session for steelhead. So I decided to huck the fastest sink tip I could manage and hooked a king. Changed my life. Love them both.
  5. ...wrapped with bacon.
  6. I have caught them fresh from the salt in estuaries of bristol bay, and they will hand you your ass. Here is one that turned into sashimi.
    View attachment 39405
  7. I have allready felt the pull of a big springer from the Columbia near Woodland. Used my gear rod, koon shrimp with a gob of goo on it. It would have been a kick in the butt if I were using my fly rod!
  8. I have only hooked one and that was while shad fishing on the Columbia with a small chartreuse dart. Last year I had three friends catch four springers on the fly and the earliest was in January. Springers are amazing creatures.

  9. everythings better with bacon!
  10. there is nothing like that pull.......I know that spot!
  11. This is the picture that keeps me motivated to find one on a fly.
  12. Adrenaline... That video captures it pretty well...
    a person just has to bow down to the power of a spring chinook.
  13. So true matty. Bet youre the only one on this board besides me to ever be to that spot.

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