Spun up this "Arabian" today...she's HOT

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Ed Call, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. NFR NFR : Spun up this "Arabian" today...she's HOT

    Spun up this "Arabian" today, and she is HOT. Fly drying of a different type. Do you think she'd catch anything besides a honest peasant boy?

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  2. Forget your meds today?
  3. Ummm... :hmmm: hmmmm... :eek:
  4. At least focus the camera
  5. I'm afraid you'll have to get your own room now.:eek:
  6. Very weird. Find something else to do than post random things on here. This is a fishing site.
  7. Aw crap give Ed a break man it was funny, although disturbing if I didn't know he'd probably just painted a figurine for his daughter... it was definitely NFR though, despite using the drying wheel, and OMJ should get on this thread and tear him a new one :D
  8. BLOW ME! I had just finished tying a batch for a swap, went upstairs for a beer and stepped on my daugher's figurine. Of couse she was crushed. I promised to fix it and did so. Anyone else got a problem with that.

    Old Man Jim does not tie flies anymore so he likely won't read this. Fine by me if he does, he posted a birthday announcement two days ago that was NFR, but we all read it and wished him well. You'd think that someone would find the alternate use of the fly dryer amusing, or at least I did.

    This is a fishing site, fishing was slow for me today and I omitted the NFR on accident. For that I am truly sorry. To get flamed by someone who goes by "meat chucker" is truly hilarious though.
  9. You keep your beers upstairs? That must slow down production a lot...
  10. Sure does, I've got a man freezer downstairs, but have not yet convinced the misses that we need a new fridge in the kitchen. Eventually the perfectly good one in the house will get moved downstairs. Christ, it has been cold enough most of this winter I keep a 12 pack sitting on the shelf and it is cold enough.
  11. Of course I read this thread. Just because I don't tie anymore doesn't mean I'm dead. Besides this is a fly fishing thread because it was mentioned here and there is fly drying shit in the picture.

    And Mumbles, this should be my 12,000 post. So you can all blow me.

  12. Jim, with your experience on the board I appreciate you noticing that there was fly tying shit in the picture. I'm sorry you had to blow your 12,000th post on my useless attempt at lightening the day and making my 3 year old like me again after crushing her doll.
  13. I for one am glad the Mumbles that I have come to love and admire (because he makes me laugh) is back. I was concerned though just where you placed the hook and I'm glad you cleared that up for me. The fact that the dryer and flies qualify for fishing related so no problem.

    DO NOT ATTACK MUMBLES!!!!! I do not want to see his expression change in the avatar.
  14. When I lose it for sure I'll be sporting the buck naked Mumbles avatar. Where is my _________ (fill in the medicine type) when I need it. Everyone needs a good laugh, go ahead, laugh at me, it will make you feel better.
  15. I'm partial to Cinderella myself.

    Weird, definitely weird.
  16. Well... I don't have 12K posts like the cranky Jim (besides I still remember him saying he was old back when he was 66) so I'll put my 4th, 5th or 6th post on this. If it gets you back in the good graces of your daughter...then it's a good thing.
  17. As a relative newcomer to the board, I'm hoping I just don't have my sarcasm detector turned up enough, because if a few of you are really as upset about Mumbles' post as you appear to be, you all need to spend more time on the water and less worrying about who posts what on an internet forum. :)

    I, for one, had a good laugh, Mumbles. Glad to hear your daughter no longer hates you!
  18. Tex,

    With a avatar face like Mumbles you just can not get mad at him, besides this was pretty mild but I will tell you and zen leecher to buckle up cause it can be a wild ride. Sit back and enjoy and laugh a lot.
  19. the Cinderella Emerger...
    now that is HOT!

  20. I got this pattern from my friend Mumbles! I've only been tying a few days now. Your opinions would be appreciated. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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