Squalicum lake info?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tony the Trout, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. I'm planning on fishing Sqaulicum for the first time next week. I don't have a depth finder so any info about depth, lake structure, springs, etc. would be very helpful. If you wanted to suggest a pattern or two I wouldn't be upset :)

  2. noknose

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    12to 15 feet deep approx. deepest in midle and along east side, Inlet on southeast corner. I would use a wooley bugger in black or olive for thr cutts. I haven't fished it this cold. A muddler works well in spring.
  3. theworm

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    All in all, it is a fun lake with various species of trout. I haven't fish it in during the winter months though. It is a little stroll in by foot so if you are bringing a toon or a boat, plan accordingly. Also it can get really windy through the valley.
  4. troutpocket

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    I fished it in Feb last year and did well on buggers deep and slow. Found more fish in the middle than along the shoreline. It's a pretty small lake, shouldn't take you too much time to try a variety of habitat.
  5. CovingtonFly

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    Yeah, that's a cool little lake. It's not very big and it's not very deep.
    It's always been pretty rust colored when I've been there (3 or 4 times) is it always stained like that?
  6. LG Mix

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    Tony -- I've done most of my lake fishing, which isn't too much, in Squalicum a few years back. And that was mainly in the Spring. I had better luck going deep in the middle than fishing the edges with a floating or intermediate line. I used a bead headed rabbit strip leach which I think is a fancy version of a bugger.

    And everytime I was there the water was tea colored.

    Also make sure you know where the parking area is. You can't see the lake from the road/parking area -- its just over the hill.
    -- Larry
  7. Derek Day

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    Your location says seattle. If that's true, I wouldn't make the trip. But if you're in the area, I've done alright on small streamers, but if you're looking for trout I found lk whatcom (check your regs) a lot better for cuts. Also, it should be noted that I was fishing when it had been almost a year since the last plant in squalicum. Anyway, let us know how it goes.

  8. CovingtonFly

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    Good point about finding the parking lot, which is more of a pull out on the side of the road. Then you have to walk through the driveway of the two houses to get to the gate that takes you down the access road to the lake.
  9. Is there a sign or anything? My gazateer shows 2 roads close to the lake. Squalicum lake road, and one unnamed that looks like it gets closer to the lake than Sqaulicum lake road. I'm sure I can find it, but the more time spent looking, the less time spent fishing. Thanks for all the help guys.

    P.S. Whatcom lake is closed, and yes I'm driving from Shoreline. At least gas is cheap :clown:
  10. Nathan M Daines

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    I have not fished that Lake in a while even though im 5mins. away, but it probly would not make for a fun trip right now. I have not had much luck in winter and the weather is poor up here right now.I would goto Pass Lake of its not windy.

  11. mozart

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    Go somewhere else. Been out at Squalicum a few times this winter and have been skunked every time. It's just too damn cold. I've tried buggers, dries, wets, nymphs.

    As for the parking lot, it's more of a pull of on the side of the road. From Baker Hwy, the road will curve to the left and down a hill. You'll see a dirt/gravel type parking lot on your right hand side. From there, you'll walk up a gravel driveway and see a gate. Walk either the right side or the left side of the gate and keep walking up the rock road. When you crest the hill, you'll see the lake directly in front of you. Once again, it's cold, very cold. Each time I've been out, not one hit. Come Spring and Summer, the fun is on.
  12. yellowlab

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  13. Okay you guys convinced me. I'm going skiing instead. Thanks so much for all the info. I will hit that lake when it gets a little warmer. Lookin forward to seeing some of you out there.

    Thanks again