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  1. So I snagged a set of Skagit Master DVD's. The Howell video piqued my interest in some colors I don't use enough and his squidro. So I played around and this is what I came up with. I did not use the grizzly hackle wing (I guess this makes is more of a "guide" fly). But I did use UV polar chenille to make the body. Still an open body but with a little more dance and some flashy translucence.

    Head is too crowded, but this is a common issue with me and barbell eyes.

    Anyway...here's what my first pass looks like.

    2014-01-31 19.52.39.jpg
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  2. Ever put the eyes at the back of the shank?
  3. Not yet, but that makes a lot of sense. I've been perusing salt patterns as well.
  4. If you end up trying use waddingtons, the one thing I don't like abot senyos is the vertical rear eye. It really only makes sense for permanently tying in a hook, not as good when you use stinger wire.
  5. Nice fly, and I agree about Senyos, can't wait until I've used them up. What a pain in the ass. Waddington ifs the only way to go, although they are selling them with the vertical rear eye now as well.

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  6. I still use senyos but I end up with the stinger wire tied in with one end on each side. either that or you end up with sideways stingers.
    What shank did you use for this fly anyways?
  7. Its a senyo shank. I tie the stinger loop with one leg on one side, and one leg on the other, loop is then in the center. Doesn't seem problematic to me. However I have noticed that therear eye is off center most of the time. I can twist it in place, but it seems like a production issue, or some function i dont realize is there.

    I'm more fond of tubes that either waddingtons or senyo if I'm honest.

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