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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tony, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Alas I couldn't be freezing on the op rivers this weekend with the rest of the gang I had to stick closer to home so my choices for a fix were lakes or the salt. I've been doing well at a spot mentioned in an earlier post the fish seem to just hang around this place, I've gone there 3 more times and caught 3 or 4 fish each time, yesterday I caught 3 all on poppers which was a kick. So anyway today I decided to give the fish there a break and go exploring. I found a beach with access and tried fishing poppers without success I did see one small fish jump but I wasn't getting any action so I decided to continue down the road exploring, found another beach with access fished a popper nothing, switched to a sinking line still nothing, found a beaver skull and decided to see what was down the road a little further, I found lots and lots of nice looking places but no access so I decided to go back to the first place and give it a try with my sinking line seeings that I hadn't tried that there. When I got back I saw fish jump and saw some swirls that looked like fish feeding subsurface, I cast out a few times and suddenlly I got a grab and it was a good one, big fish strong did not want to come in and then it jumped oh it was big alright a fat 17 maybe 18 incher forsure and then it jumped again and was gone, oh man I was bummed, it would have been my first large cutt. I changed flies hoping it would be a pig an maybe hang around I cast out caught a 10"er skinny but beautiful, cast again a fat 13"er cast again and alittle 8" cutt had taken the fly. I then fished for another hour without a touch so decided to leave, but with another good beach and 4 fish caught 3 to hand, and no the air temps made no difference to the fish I had salty slush covering my rod until the sun got on the water.
    the I can't believe I waited so long to try this guy.
  2. Tony,
    Great report!
    Just wondered if these "new" beaches you tried had any sort of creeks, or estuaries close to where you had success?

    My reason for asking is that most of the beaches I have been doing well at lately are close to fresh water outlets, and the cutts are just starting to re-appear back into the salt from their winter spawning in the streams.
    Right now I think they are still sticking pretty close to the streams, and estuaries.
  3. So i have never really done any saltwater beach fishing or any fishing that matter for src's. So if help out the new guy i would be very greatful.

    So can you pretty much fish any public beach to the sound?

    Are src's fishable year round?

    Any recomendations for a good place to start preferably north of seattle?

  4. Nice report Tony. Keep 'gettin' 'er done'. And just remember about the big one that you lost; we all live for the take. The best fish of my memories are the ones that got away.
  5. You can fish for trout in the sound year round, it's a C&R only fishery also selective gear rules, those suckers are fragile! Any public beach unless specifically closed for fishing should be open for searuns. Make sure you read up on the regs regardless.

    I'm in the s. sound, but I know some folks fish Carkeek park and Picknick Point.

    There are a TON of threads discussing fishing for searuns, check out the search tool and I bet you can get all your questions answered.
  7. Good to know!
    That means they are starting to spread out a little. Another month or so and they will be back in the salt in good numbers again.
    Thanx! :thumb:

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