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  1. Been too busy to even check my email lately. Went out on the 9th of Jan. as I had said in my previous post on this topic. I'm new to fly fishing so I took a spinning rig with me as well (I know, I know). Got out in the water (South HC) @ 0800, snowing. Absolutely beautiful. Hip waders on, fly rig in hand. Worked about a 500 yard stretch of beach for an hour or so with no luck. I was doing OK with my casting (remember I'm new) throwing sea-run woolly buggers and pink & white mini-clousers, but nothing bitting. So I grabbed my spinning rig with and 1/8 ounce chrome Kastmaster and hit a nice 17" SRC first cast. I don't feel like re-typing the whole story again, but I ended the day with 5 fish. Not bad.
    I am going up to the Bellevue Orvis store on the 5th to see Les Johnson talk about fishing Puget Sound and Hood Canal beaches. Hope to see some of you up there.
  2. Hey, Blueback. Not to be a collossal jerk or anything, but just so you're aware, it is illegal to kill any searun cutthroat caught from the salt.

    It's a little screwy, because it's legal to kill them in many of the rivers that they use, if the river is open to trout harvest, under trout rules.

    However, while they're out in the salt, they're in the "safe" zone, and it's a strictly C&R fishery.

    Appreciate very much your ethic to catch and release as stated on your site, and to not waste any fish that you do keep. Your head's in the right place. Washington Regs are pretty complicated, but it's worth getting to know them. I noticed that you also caught a resident silver. That's a hatchery fish (assuming it had its adipose fin clipped) and those are legal to keep in some areas (incidentally, not in Hood Canal until Feb 16, and then only 1). They're tasty. Bonk one of those next time, if you gotta take something home.

    No hard feelings.
  3. I knew this was going to be the first thing that came up after posting that. No hard feelings taken either. I know that all sea-runs are C&R only. What can I say. This is the first SRC I have harvested in like 9 years (I have been in Oklahoma for the better part of the last 10 years). I've caught probablly 8-10 of them in the last year and that was the only one I kept because of the regs, but really I wanted to have my wife taste what real, wild trout tastes like (she has only eaten farm raised and she absolutely loved the taste of the wild SRC). Also, the whole situation with the Canal just totally sucks right now. Besides that one trout, the only thing I have been able to harvest out of the Canal since I have been back is some oysters. The crabbing is screwed, what salmon do come in get rapped by a million people, all SRC are C&R, it's just really messed up. I grew up on the Canal and that is what I used to always do; go down to the salt and harvest enough for my family. I have never bought a trout, crab, oyster ever. I harvest what I need, never more. I guess part of my decision to keep that one was influenced just as much by my frustration with the current state of affairs as anything. Belive me, I have thought alot about that fish, especially since posting a picture of it on my blog, and I have no plans on keeping any more.
    Thank you for your comments, they were very kind and you were not a jerk at all. Thanks!
  4. The crabbing in the canal can be fantastic, PM me if you want some info on sweet spots to drop your pot. Of course the seasons are what limit you. I think the canal has the best crabbing in the region in terms of size and numbers (are there any more traits that count?). If you're looking for more things to harvest you should look into shrimp traps and get into some squid jigging at night. Don't forget about those clams and muscles to!

    Not sure where you are on the Canal, but it's probably not too long of a drive to the Narrows or Purdy where you can catch a bunch of 16-22" resident silvers, you can keep 2 a day of these guys and they will probably ourshine your costal trout in terms of flavor. The south sound has been pretty productive since the fall and should be for a couple more months.

  5. I thought that the limit, right now, on resident silvers in Area 13 is 1 with no minimum limit and no ad-clip restrictions ? Am I reading the reg's incorrectly ?
  6. harvesting shakers is bad karma
  7. The regs read, "Jan 1. - April 30 Chinook - min. size 22". Other SALMON species - no min. size. Daily limit 1. See Carr Inlet Closures Below."

    (A review of Carr Inlet Closures indicates that those do not apply until April 16.)

    So, Florian, you're right.
  8. Yeah my bad, it changed from 2 to 1 on New Years.

    Rockfish - I've never bonked a shaker. I want to, but for some reason I never take the time to stop fishing to deal with keeping a fish. *shrug*

  9. i was just talkin shiat, I doubt anybody on a flyfishing forum would be filleting 14 inch salmon

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