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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Scott Keith, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. TLL, you could send your early ties to Mumbles, then tie another batch for the SRC swap. I was too crazy busy to get into this on, but I'm about to make a SRC stalking trip.

    Seriously though, I'm eager to see the photos of this swap so I can try to replicate some for my own fly box.
  2. I 2nd that. Share some pics guys.

  3. Mine are in the mail.

  4. Mine are in the mail tomorrow. :thumb:
  5. TwinLakes, I got yours, great looking flies! I'll post pictures tomorrow of them.
  6. NIIIIIICE! Can't wait!

  7. Am I dead last in mailing em' in again? Gott em' all done, was going to mail them out today but found that the samwhich box that I was going to use is too big for the mailing envelopes that I bought. Either bigger envelope or smaller box. Some reason I can never find the right size container for flies. Envelopes easy, boxes just can't find the right size.
  8. I'm the last, started today will be done tomorrow and sent the next day.
  9. Mailed them today should be there tomorow.
  10. Mine will be shipped tommorrow, sorry for the delay.
  11. Hedburner, I got yours, great looking flies! I think we are just waiting for Daryle!

  12. hey scott mine should be there anytime, sorry for the delay. :thumb:
  13. Hey Scott, do you have everyone's flies yet?

  14. I believe the only ones I haven't gotten are fly punks yet.... I've gotten everyone elses' they are great looking! I'll work on getting pics up.

  15. well crap where the hell are they? they should be there by now. I have more tied so if they dont show i'll send more in the next day or so. sorry guys
  16. Hey scott i just went ahead and sent another set of flies, if the others show up go ahead and keep them. sorry about the delay. :thumb:
  17. Hey Scott, did you receive everyone's flies? Just wondering when they will be mailed out.

  18. All flies are in. I will get pictures up tonight and they will be shipped out tomorrow. An extra special thanks to everyone that included SASE's and labelled the flies individually. It will save me a lot of time.

  19. Ok... so, I've got lots of extras... Here's the run down of what I've gotten. I've re-counted everyone's lot and everyone gets 20...

    Scott - 20
    TwinLakes - 24
    Fly punk - 28
    D3 Smartie - 20
    Hedburner - 24
    Daryle - 20

    For the ones that sent out extras, do you want me to send them back?

  20. Pictures of the ones I haven't put up yet...

    From Left to Right...

    Fly Punk, Hedburner, Twin Lakes Leach, Daryle H.

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