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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Scott Keith, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. nope, scott you keep em. Hey did the others show up? if they did keep those too. :thumb:
  2. They haven't... I didn't check the mail today though it's been a hectic day...
  3. well hell. sorry about that. sorry i didnt tag mine, i just wanted to get them out so you didnt have to wait to long to get them out. Thanks for hosting this one.
  4. Scott,

    If i sent you extras, keep them for yourself as a bonus for hosting this swap.

    Can't wait to see all the pics posted in the Fly Swap Gallery.

  5. Scott,

    Have the flies been mailed out yet? I am assuming not since there are no pictures posted in the Gallery yet but was just curious. Looking forward to seeing them


  6. The flies have been mailed out. They were mailed out on Thursday for the people that gave me SASE's, and Saturday for those that didn't. I have pictures and the gallery up but I'm running really short on time right now (midterms...) I'll get them up soon.

  7. Got mine today in the mail, great ties everyone. Thanks for hosting Scott
  8. Doh. I'm lookin in the wrong swap :p
  9. Got mine too. Nice flys. This turned into kinda of a fill up your searun box swap.
  10. Scott,

    I would have sent you a SASE if it meant speeding things up, however the Fly Swap rules say: "Once you are part of a swap you need to tie your flies then mail them to the swapmeister with a couple dollars for return postage, or a self addressed and stamped package"

    I think it is up to each contestant whether they send cash or a SASE.

    Still have not seen my flies and it is going on 10 days:hmmm:

    Maybe tomorrow.:thumb:


  11. I always send cash with a return package that is addressed. I hosted a few swaps that the SASE had not enough postage to return to the swappers. So now I always try to include a little extra for the swap meister for all their trouble.
  12. Daryle,

    I understand what you are saying, however i have hosted swaps as well and for example if it costs approx. $1.50 for me to mail some flies and i enclose $2 or $3 to the swapmeister, that should EASILY cover anything additional. And if there are 10 people in the swap it leaves even more *extra* money for envelopes & postage. Don't get me wrong, i am not complaining and if i am hosting a swap, i could really care less if anyone sends cash or a SASE. After all, it's just a few bucks to mail everything out and not a big deal. If i knew it was a problem for not sending cash AND a SASE and it would speed things up, i would have done so. I have just always followed the *rules* and chose to send cash instead of the SASE and never figured it would be an issue.

    Anyways, where are the flies?? I can't wait to see them all!

  13. Hey, i got my flies!!!!! They look great!

    Thanks for hosting Scott.

  14. Scott,

    Just wondering when the pics of the flies for this swap will be up in the gallery?


  15. Scott,

    Did you ever finish your Mid Terms or are you still working on them :hmmm:

    Wondering if the pictures from this Swap will ever be posted. :beathead:

    Give us all an update.


  16. will there even be pictures for this swap, the spot in the gallery has been up for a while now.

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