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  1. Likely heading up to Squiem on Friday early am and was thinking about getting some beach time in on the drive back in search for SRC's ...maybe even Squiem area?? Looks like the tides would let me fish the incoming in the afternoon and was thinking about trying some areas along Hood Canal... appreciate any recommendations? PM if you'd rather not advertise. Thanks!
  2. Sequim
  3. This is a request for ALL fly shops to remove any maps and locations they suggest on their websites or, on here regarding where to fish. It is putting too much pressure on my beloved sea run cutthroats.

    Thank you. DFL
  4. Gonna have to look into this. I didn't realize those animals were yours.

    I'm guessing that means that you still get to fish them though.

    Seriously if folks want to reduce pressure on cutthroat, why do you post so many pictures here and rave about how cool it is to fish them?

    A close friend used to make a little extra cash teaching seminars on fishing src's, and he gave that up to protect the fish. Asking shops to cut off a resource so you can have more for yourself seems a little one sided.

    I don't mean for this to get contentious, so please don't take offense, I'm just suggesting that there are more cooperative ways to conserve the resource than just asking others to stop. I can provide a number of options to volunteer time or money to help protect SRC populations.
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  5. Don,
    Respectfully, I didn't read Larry's post quite so literally. I don't really think when he said "my beloved cutthroat" that he meant that the fish were "his".
    I've seen a lot of guys write the same words on here when referring to these fish.

    I think a lot of guys like Larry and myself may have spent many decades before the worldwide web and the age of Google maps ever existed, seeking out unique places to find these special fish. A paper map, a lot of gas and miles, a sense of adventure and a lot of beach walking/exploring have earned us some special spots. They've been found through a lot of time and effort which by the way, makes the experience of catching a fish or two in those places that much more satisfying for us.

    If a fly shop posts public parks and access sites, I see no harm in that. Anyone can find these spots without much assistance. But if it goes too much further than this, my feeling is that a lot of the enjoyment of the quest has been lost by everyone involved.

    BTW; I don't personally know either you or Larry - I hope neither takes offense.

    And to the original poster; get a map and look for any of the public places (there are more than meets the eye) and spend some time exploring - it'll be worth it one way or the other.
  6. We worry about SRC pressure in the salt? Really? I'm not being sarcastic here, it really sounds weird. I get it that places in CO like Cheeseman Canyon and places in MT like the Bitterroot get pressure but I've never thought of SRC in the salt being over pressured by anglers. The shorelines here don't seem to receive 1/4 of the pressure those and many other river systems receive where the fish are alive and well and still bite many a fly.

    Also, I realize that even if a person was told what beach to fish, it takes more than just knowing what beach to fish to get into SRC, so telling them where to go may not be as detrimental as one might think.

    Anyhow, I kinda get it that people generally don't want to share and at the same time maybe there's a benefit to having an increased FF population on the beaches since we are general good about the rules C&R. Maybe an increase in FF'ers frequenting the beaches will help spread the preservation word?

    I know that I have personally ran off two different people on "my" beach that had stringers with SRC on them. One seemed clueless so i educated him, the other just dumped them and walked off. I've hung up signs (the yellow ones) but they get torn down. Then another part of my wants no sign there since that seems to be a dead giveaway that the place is "fishy". So it seems to be a catch 22. Maybe the more info and knowledge is out there (even by way of increased people fishing and doing C&R and providing the ocassional educational "outburst") the better for the SRC game as a whole.

    I dunno - just thinking out loud after having come upon this thread and having had little to no sleep last night! :D
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  7. Alexander,
    Just curious to know how long you've been here from CO and how many decades you've spent fishing Puget Sound beaches for Searun Cutthroat?

    I ask because of your initial question; " We worry about SRC pressure in the salt? Really? "

    It's pretty clear based on your question that you may not be aware of the history of this fishery over any length of time...

    BTW; Thank you for caring and posting the signs, and running the poachers off the beach.
  8. I started 3 years ago as novice and spent a lot of time driving around areas looking at spots on the low tide and have found places that are not advertised or even communicated at fly shops or fly shop websites.

    I find places by talking to people, reading books ect. I have a list of at least 10 new places I have not even tried yet

    I think the more people that learn about the sport from fly shops the more advocates we have for the resource.

    Since starting out 3 years ago. I have become member of trout unlimited and wild steelhead coalition. I have fished at public parks and often I am the only one there. The only time I see more than 2 people is during peak times like salmon runs in August to October.

    I have found places that typically have cutthroat in them almost every time I go but I don't over fish them.

    When I find cutthroats in numbers I don't over fish a spot. I often catch 3 o 4 and move on, so as to not hurt the fish.

    Their is so much more to enjoy than just catching the fish. I went out today and saw a harbor seal about 8 feet long about 15 feet away from me. I like standing in an aquarium with crab and sand dabs, sculpins, sand lance and schools of perch darting all around me.
  9. Moderators, please lock this thread down. I don't know WTF I was thinking asking folks on a fly fishing forum about some suggested fishing spots...along a 90 mile shoreline I might fish 2-3 times a year.

    I suppose I was way out of line this past weekend taking one of our new forum members, who just moved from KS, out to fish a couple of SRC beaches...good grief.
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  10. Nooo, don't shut it down...geez. Go fish at Twanoh or Belfair SP. There, have fun :)
  11. I've been here long enough and have lived here before moving to CO and MT, and yes I am aware of this fisheries history and it's rebound and the lack of pressure on them since they are not considered a "food fish". WA residents like food fish, the concept of CandR sport fishing seems to be a tad bit beyond their comprehension so SRC in the salt seem to be out of the "target" zone unless there is poaching going on.
  12. Actually, if the trip plans/times work out, I'll most likely try the beach Annie was so kind to suggest and perhaps get a chance to meet another WFF member.
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  13. Right on! Good luck and have fun with everyone else's fish! ;)
  14. Don't worry fellas you can have my fish
    I'm busy screwing with these bones image.jpg
  15. Would be nice if the guide would hand the rod over to you... geez. Where are you at... I want coordinates and descriptive rocks rofl1.gif
  16. +1
    It'll be a happy day when the main threat facing SRC populations is too many catch-and-release fly fishermen pursuing them instead of habitat destruction/degradation, poaching, etc, etc, etc
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  17. The money quote from this thread.

  18. Say hi to Peter Burroughs.
  19. Freestone,
    I'm on Long Island Bahamas

    you called it
    Peter found more fish than I could fathom
    Just met his cousin, she runs the museum

    Sorry to jack thread
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