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  1. Chris Bellows

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    it's a nice theory that sounds nice but isn't born out by the facts when it comes to wild fish advocates.

    there is little to no correlation that i have ever seen between more anglers and more advocates.... at least in washington state.

    but it is a nice soundbite for those who whore out the resource.
  2. JayB

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    Not trying to argue with you - just curious as to how you keep tabs on the number of advocates.

    IMO that's kind of a tough thing to measure, since the number of people who care about the fish, keep tabs on the health of the resource in one way or anotyher, and pitch in a gajillion different ways has an exceptionally-loose to nonexistent connection with formal membership in conservation organizations, etc. IMO someone who sees someone retaining SRC's on a beach and let's them know that they're a protected species and it's illegal to retain them is an important advocate for the fish, even if they never join an organization. Ditto for the guy who picks up trash on a beach, writes an occasional letter to the WDFW etc, etc, etc, etc.
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    Seriously? Coming from a guy who runs a charter fishing service, this seems a bit hypocritical.... or do I have the wrong Chris Bellows? Even if I do have the wrong guy, what a dumb-ass comment.
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    The best resource management rule I've experienced in another state is the banning of "guide service" on a certain river. It is brilliant! Cuts the "pounding and pressure" on the river WAY down. Too bad Washington State hasn't figured that one out yet…. Oh forgive me, that was another dumb-ass comment. Now don't all jump to conclusions that I don't like guides...
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    I don't know what you have against guides. I have guides on all my rods and never had a problem with any of them. Candy - ass fly fisherman!:D
  6. Steve Kokita

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    I agree with Jack, I like agate guides on bamboo the best!
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    I took a stripping guide to Vegas once. Didnt turn out as I had hoped.
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  9. Chris Bellows

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    one quick way is to look at the numbers of people who take the time to submit comments on rule proposals. wdfw keeps track of the info during the process, and to keep it SRC related there were (going by memory) less than 10 people who commented about increasing the harvest of cutthroat on the quilcene river (a hood canal trib) during the last go around (that includes the anglers in favor of turning cutthroats into turds).

    it seems pretty clear that increasing numbers of anglers in washington state does not correlate to more letter writing or attendance at commission meetings.

    i believe the idea that increased pressure can be helpful in protecting fish is pushed by the industry and we tend to keep that myth alive because we all hope that there is some side benefit to dealing with more people on the waters we fish. it may work on large scale threats like pebble mine, but it hasn't translated to dealing with the thousand cuts killing local fisheries.
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    Oh geez. Look on google map of the canal and pick a spot, there you go! Just don't cross private land to get there. All spots on the canal with gravel/oyster beaches are good.