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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Rick Sharp, May 11, 2011.

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    I have to go to the hospital at the UW this coming friday morning and if all goes well I can leave that afternoon, my wife tells me we are now staying in Renton, I previously thought we would hotel it downtown somewhere but some friends offered up their home while they are away, I had planned on trying Karkeek beach with my new switch rod I just completed a few weeks ago. I've been looking at the maps and having very limited opportunities for fishing the beaches for SRC before, (one time so far) it's just a best guess at this point for the Renton area. The one that looks best to me is Lincoln Park and not to far from Renton so she could drop me off. I'd like to ask if anyone has an idea about this area, I not wanting specifics but more of opinions on that area if it's worth while or not, or if I should stick to my original plans and have her drop me off at Karkeek for a few hours. I live in eastern Washington and I don't often get the opportunity to fish beach saltwater areas very often, so for the most part I'm lost.
    Thanks in advance
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    I would choose Karkeek over Lincoln although it's further away from Renton. The tides look good, both in and out, except for around the 2:30 slack.

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    Leland is a good voice to listen to, especially when seeking beach info. I lived in West Seattle for 4 years, and I fished Lincoln Park a fair amount. It has a reputation for being more of a salmon beach and less of an SRC beach - my experience there matches this reputation.