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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bwillroll, Sep 8, 2002.

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    I'll be spending Sunday and Monday up in Arlington and so I plan to bring my 5wt. and floating line and try for some cutts. I'd like to hear from some list members if any have been fishing the stilly lately for cutts. Should I concentrate on the main river in the tidal areas or higher up in the North fork?
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    It seems that I have read a report of SRCs being caught all the way up to Hazel or the Fortson, but I would fish the lower river from Arlington on down.

    In the tidal part of the river, which ends about halfway down Norman Road, focus on fishing it during a rising tide, as you will find SRC's coming up the river in schools along the surface. If the day is calm, you will see patches of 'nervous water' where they are.
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    I fished the lower river yesterday on the bar down below the Town tavern. Was there for about 2 hours,no fish. Fished drys and nymphs. All I saw was a few salmon rolling. No src's. Went over by the cement plant met up with a buddy I had the same results while he said that he caught a few(2). Last stop was where the Pilchuck Creek enters the river. MY luck was still holding. I guess that I just have to keep trying,my luck can't be that bad all the time.

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    Jim- stumps, streamers, and a short, jerky retrieve.
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    just remember, throw 'em back

    can anyone give me directions to access points below arlington? they will be very useful come october 16. also, when you guys talk about tidewater, you mean the part of the river that is influenced by tide right? and if so, are there many access points there? i figure that would be the first place to look for chum daddies on the opener. thanks in advance.
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    Here's a couple of good spots to reach the Stillaguamish.
    To get to Blue Stilly Park from I-5 get off at Island Crossing and go east. Turn left at the fire station about 1/4 mile from the freeway. The road turns to gravel and ends near the river.
    The other good spot is above I-5. From I-5 at Island Crossing go west about 1/2 mile and turn right. The road goes back under the freeway. Park at the end and walk upstream.
    There's also lots of access from Silvana if you poke around a little.
    The main river's iffy for chums. About the time they show in good numbers is about the time the main river gets too dirty to fish.