SRC opportunities near B-ham?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by andrew, May 24, 2005.

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    My father is in town and he is wanting to hit the salt, was wondering if anyone could point a finger in a direction that puts me no more than an hour from B-ham?

    I've hit the salt only once and have determind that I need help! It probably helps, but do I need to be near an outlet? Or do SRC wander far from the rivers they ascend?

    I've been reading almost every post with "SRC"...great stuff...keep it flowing!


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    you probably have already looked at the posts on the thread started today called "Carkeek park and SRC", but the answers provided there will fully respond to your questions also.

    If you don't have the time (right now) to read the books recommended, search this site and you will get quick answers from the widely accepted experts and the many local practitioners on the subject of Sea runs in the North West, that haunt this web site. After you read what they have to say, you will be 100% fully prepared to just go do it.
    Jim H

    PS- and yes, having a river/stream/creek outlet on the beach or in the area is one indicator to look for, nice but not necessary. Trust in beginner's luck and get your dad out there and just do it. Also, drop by your local fly shop and do the time honored thing: part with some cash for a couple salt water flies and for info on local places to fish.
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    Water is deep and pretty unprotected around Bellingham, San Juans, etc; not the most favored habitat of cutthroat. The Port Susan area, Skagit estuary and the east side of Whidbey Island have good cutthroat habitat. And remember, sea-run cutthroat are constantly on the move in search of food, krill or baitfish. Learn more about the cutthroat trout and you'll begin to figure out where they might be. These are beautiful ,wild and rare trout that have survived by their wits for a few million years.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
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    Andrew -
    At various times I have had decent success on sea-runs in south B'ham bay (post point down towards Chuckanut Creek), Drayton Harbor, and the south end of Chuckanut (Colony Creek area). There are several fine sporting good stores in the area as well as a fly club - you may want to check with any of them for advise on current opportunties. It has been sometime since I have fished any of those area so am not sure about current access conditions.

    Skagit Bay and Port Susan areas are on the fringe of your 1 hour drive.

    Tight lines
    S malma
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    Andrew did you or your father ever find any SRC?
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    No, we did not even get out...I'm wrapping up the last few "episodes" of 'This Damn Old House' (remodeling) :mad: I could not believe my father....he always wants to fish, yet he kept saying "naw lets just get this done."