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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Eyejuggler, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Was out today in MA13 and and older chap came down the beach and we started talking. He came down and when he found out what I was casting for he started to share with me a little local beta and a pattern he said was great but he was vague on the name, either Snot Locker or Jonsey. He described it as using a cone head and marabou for the tail and some non descript info on the overall body. He shared some stories and was the perfect break from a rather poor catching day, but an awesome moment day.

    If anyone knows what these refer to please drop a note, I stopped by the Gig harbor shop and James and Erik directed me to a pattern called snot that did have a cone head, looks somewhat like the fellow described but I think there is some good story out there as to the original and I would love to see the original pattern.

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    Hey Josh, thanks for the image and link, that is the same pattern the guys at GHFS showed me, so I guess that is it! looks like a pretty basic pattern, I'll tie up a bunch before tomorrow to give em a whirl!
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    ye that is the pattern your looking for. they are very easy to tie. for the body use floss or a bright 3/0 thread. also after you put on the wire glue the body with a clear glue. will keep the wire from breaking.
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    Can also tie them in pink and green, among other colors I'm sure