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  1. Sorry guys, running on fumes the last few days... Flies went out yesterday morning.
  2. Hblocal-

    I got your Chum Babies today, right on the due date. Thanks, they look good, and we all know how useful that pattern will hopefully be in the next couple months or so.

    So, I guess a couple of you are going to be a bit late. I think the post office is closed on Monday for President's Day, so hopefully I'll have the flies and can send them out middle of next week. Thanks to everyone who's taken part so far.
  3. Thanks Jon and everyone. I'm going to "test" them all!
  4. I got home from out of town today and found the Snot Dart tubes from D3Smartie. So, I am still waiting for the baitfish pattern from Zach M.
  5. Hey, Hi there Zach! We're waiting......Today is February 19. ;):)

    Too much homework, eh? We're anxious to see your baitfish!
  6. Mid Winter Break for the young ones...
  7. I came home from work yesterday to find Zach's flies. They are a good-looking pattern, Zach. Thanks.
    So, I just need to take some photos of all the patterns, and then I will send them back out ASAP. I look forward to hearing how these flies produce for different people in different areas.
    Thanks everyone!
  8. I sent all the flies out yesterday, so hopefully you will be getting them soon. Thanks to everyone for taking part, and good luck chasing those searuns!
  9. Well Jon,

    Here is a pic of a nice 18 inch beached yesterday afternoon on the Kilowatt Red (in it's mouth on photo). It still produces this time of year a bit, but Fall and Early Winter is it's best record. Thanks again for coordinating this.
  10. Nice fish, Larry! I went out for a bit this morning myself, but had nothing to show for it. It was great to be on/in the water, though. I'm looking forward to trying out all of the flies that all of you submitted! We'll have to let eachother know how/if the patterns produce.
  11. just got the flies today when i got back from school. they are great! good job everyone! cant wait to get out there and try them. someone should do a swap where everyone meets afterword to fish together and try out the new flies.
  12. I'm down for an event some day. i tried to/did do one a few years back but its tough to do for cutts. more realistic to do for salmon.
  13. Got the flies today! They are kool. I can tell they all are killers in their own right. Nice job. Now I just need to SAVE and COPY! The test comes next! :)
  14. Ok everbody. The pics and descriptions have been posted in the fly swap gallery under 2008 SRC Salt Swap. I did my best taking the photos, but they didn't turn out perfect. I think we managed a pretty good variety of searun patterns.
  15. Great ties everyone! Thanks for participating.
  16. Flies look great!
  17. Awesome flies everyone!! Great job!!
  18. Got my flies and what a good variety! I can't wait to get out there and use them, hopefully this weekend. I'll post pictures if I catch anything on any one of your flies. Let me know if you get anything on the "pink dinker" too! :thumb:
  19. Anixious to give it a go too. Remember this is about the slowest fishing time of the year for sea runs, so don't judge your success or failure too seriously with these flies yet! :ray1:
  20. Well said Larry, Don't worry I won't judge any flies too quickly! They all look great to me.

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