SRC Skunk, Becks Beer, & Oysters...

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by dryflylarry, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Well, here's a "non-report" for ya. I decided to go look for some sea run cutthroat today. Took a one mile walk to one of my favorite beaches. It is "prime" cutthroat habitat. Well, it happened. I got a big skunk. I fished for two hours. If you can't catch a cutthroat in two hours on one of your favorite beaches, what do you do? Quit. Before leaving I picked 18 oysters and headed home. When I got home, I shucked them out of the back of my truck while drinking a tall Becks for an appetizer for dinner! Yeah baby... Where the hell are my favorite fish?!! I was pretty much dumbfounded. I rarely get a skunk. I didn't even get a touch!!!!! *^%*$#&@$#$%*^ Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  2. Perhaps I have low standards (& more experience with the skunk), but a day on the beach followed with a cool beveridge and fresh oysters sounds like a good day overall. Cheer up, those oysters may lead to an epic night. Go with the flow.
  3. Yeah, I tried it for a couple of hours on Friday with pretty much the same results although w/o the Beck's and oysters. :(

    Visuals were nice tho:
  4. Damn Larry...that sounds good...turning lemons in lemonade. Reminds me of our place in Triton Cove Estates, sitting on the deck (or playing darts), cooking oysters on the grill, peeling tiger shrimp for the garlic spaghetti feed and washing them down with some of our favorite brews from college days (Becks being one of many). Back then, we'd drag a clouser out of the boat while we waited for the crab pots and shrimp pots to fill -- an occasional C&R SRC would just be icing on the day.

    Kinda of miss that place in many ways...but it was a load of work (ground maintenance) and, with all the others places we liked to go, felt like we weren't getting that much use out of it.
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  5. Yeah, I guess it was lemonade for dinner tonight! Triton Cove, wow, nice area! Nothing better than Hood Canal oysters, eh? :)
  6. Larry I liked your post, but what I didn't like was you savoring some oysters without sharing them with me??:mad:
    Hmmm....Do you think today's skunk was a message from the fish gods:rolleyes: or maybe was it the choice of your beer?
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  7. Well Richard. You can always come over, we can fish together and get skunked, then load up on some oysters! Well, .... the skunking part doesn't sound too inviting huh? Hey, what was the name of that beer you brought to the Xmas fly swap? I forgot. Good stuff!
  8. Larry, the name of the beer was "Brown Shugga Ale from Lagunitas brewery in California. It's actually a barley wine and yes it was very tasty. I picked it up at the Elliott Bay Pizza tap room close to home at the time and unfortunately it was only available at that time. I will definitely keep an eye open for it if they serve it again in the future.
  9. Well Larry, it seems like lately, you had about the same kind of day a lot of folks been having, including me..... few and far between. Fortunately we know it's going to get better, so don't be discouraged bud, March 8th is almost here.
  10. Great example there of taking advantage of whatever the sea has to offer on any given day. If cutthroat arent cooperating, something else worth doing probably is presenting a fine opportunity if we just look for it. In my former life as a guide, there were often dissapointed anglers who had slow days because they only wanted to catch one species using one specific method, when another species or method on that same day would have resulted in epic fishing.
  11. Sounds about like my Sunday from last week. My dad was in town & we went to a Hood Canal beach for a 90 min for him to get his first taste of fly fishing in the salt. Didn't see or touch a fish but did eat a few fresh oysters to make up for it. Beer is in order next time
  12. Same same. I went out for a couple hours this weekend on the peninsula and got zilch. But it was a good time?...
  13. Same for me. Went out to area 13 two days. First day was cold, windy and not a fish in sight. Second day, hooked one and got a nice head shake then gone. the tides were not what I like to fish. So there goes the blame or maybe I'm just rusty from all work and no play.
  14. Men, the sea run cutthroats are mostly up spawning right now. You'll find a few fish around, but things should start picking up next month.
  15. Larry, thanks for giving me an excuse for my seemingly eternal skunk streak (#6 the other day :confused:). Still waiting for that elusive first saltwater hookup, so here's hoping 7th time's a charm!
  16. Munro, wait for the chum fry to show up on your local beaches in March and April and then toss matching patterns. You'll have some fun!! :)
  17. I'm just waiting for the next Tratchell/Harrington report to let me know "game on" :D
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